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Could Do Better

Could do better that’s what it said, on the report my parents read
Could do better apparently, this king of mediocrity
No future, average job, Mr Nobody, lazy slob

Sometimes I allow myself to agree, with the report they say about me
Sometimes I think that their right, I want to give up without a fight
Sometimes I think I’m no good, a failure not achieving all he could

But I remind my soul, that one person’s opinion’s doesn’t define my role
I remind my heart that’s it’s the finish that counts not the start
I remind my mind of God, so true and so kind

who loved me, so much, to go and die for my love
who made me original and wonderfully, who paid my price on a tree
who looks at me and in his mind sees someone; special, one of a kind

You see his report is not written on card, his words are written on my heart
No longer a slave, but free, with Jesus Christ living inside me
Chosen person, with a specific mission filled with awe of God’s vision
For my life and what it can be, with him working throughout powerfully

Easy & False or Hard & Straight? Those are the roads that decide our fate
But I need to decide as choice is key to unlocking my destiny
My life is sum of the choices I make, destination decided by the road that I take

Could do better? You better believe it, God’s plan for my life I ain’t leaving.
Could do better! Because that’s me! A man with desires eternally
Could do better! Forget the past God’s got me a ticket to life’s first class

Jesus the Come Back King

Jesus was misunderstood, a victim of lies, publicly humilated; wrongly convicted of crimes. He was tortured, beaten and killed. He went to down as low as anyone can go!

But he came back.

He rose with the keys of life, coming back from the dead. He encourages the depressed, the beaten and afraid. He gives hope to those in hopeless situations and empowers the weak. He is the giver of light in a dark place. The giver of strength, purpose and vision.

Where ever you’ve – he’s been, where ever you find yourself know that he has prepared the next step and where ever you go know that he is cheering you on. He is the king of come backs, the Lord of the underdog, and you are never so far gone that he cannot save you!