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Such a sad tale

Such a sad tale

O`er the water the man did come

To the beauty of this town he did succumb

He stayed a while to pass the days

Eventual rest makes this where he stays

But twas while he stopped off the village green

The stories emerged of what he had seen

Since a young one to soldering he`d been dedicated

A lass he did meet and became infatuated

Then alas away to war with all the rest

She was left behind to fend as best

While battle raged and bombs flew low

He wrote a letter with seeds to sow

Seeds of love he told her about

Soon to consummate and to murder doubt

Whilst on leave in the big black town

Married became in a white bed he laid her down

Back to war a very happy man

He left behind his biggest fan

Nine months on he`s still away

She`s with child no time to play

A son is delivered one windy night

Alas he`s ignorant of her plight

Here it is this sad twist of fate

For when he came home it was too late

The bomb that struck hit her clean

That is that fate had been

All alone, he was for years

No wife no child

Just memories and tears

Come to me

Come to me as often as you will and can
Leave your bag of troubles at my door
Come in with your smile and frown no more
I see a lady juggling life
I see a lady dealing with the strife
I also see a girl vulnerable and raw
But fear not, that there, I am no longer the law
I see it in your eyes when we each look deep
Your smile tells me the love you have there
A love for you I would like to share
Give me your heart, its mine to keep
You have mine if you want it, yours to be taken
But please keep it safe ensure it`s not forsaken
So time we need to just make sure
That this effort is not lost for the want of more
If you are true and feel the same as me
Then we can be together we can be ‘we’
The pathway I have trod is a path that’s true
No fuss no games just fun and laughter
Two lovers looking, for that happy ever after
A cautionary note though I have to lay
My heart is not for you to use, to break, to play
I am despite all else a true man to my word
My love when full given is real and total
To break it would render me totally mortal