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Born in Calicut,I now reside in the rural area of Ambalapuzha,North Kerala.Working as a higher secondary teacher,I started my career in teaching since 1993.In school I am also Programme Officer of the National Service Scheme,since last year.I am not a writer,but started writing something when I realised my soul still resides in my dear hometown.I haven't written much.My first few poems were contributed to Rejected Stuff where I was encouraged to write more. Reena Prasad is my mentor.Happy to mention that two of my poems found space in the anthologies of Brian Wrixon's Summer Poems and Autumn Poems respectively.Another cherished news is one of my poems appear in The Significant Anthology,published by Dr A V Koshy and Reena Prasad .

Bless Us Together

I know

Even when I’m aged

When at a time I find it hard

To see you through a hazy vision

When my thoughts will be deranged

And my speech slurred

I would’ve lost that playful smile

Hidden in the corners of my lips

Only for you

My skin wrinkled in crores

My body sans vigor and vitality

My hair a silvery crown

A stoop adorning my back.

I know

You’d be there

Beside me,in front of me,following me

So indulgent in my matters

As always you are.

Supporting me as I climb a step or two

Making your own tea

As I would’ve forgotten to do so.

No complaints,no frustrated murmurs,

Gesturing me to the window at dusk

To watch the fireflies I love so much

Slowly softly stroking my back

And as I look up into your eyes,

You will never hesitate to bend down

Remove a strand of silver from my brow

Plant a little kiss and whisper my name.

As sleep beckons both of us

I would pray to God teary eyed

Not to prolong this life longer

But to bless us both

In a coffin together.

                         by Smitha Bharathan

                          August 5th 2015.