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Live And Let Live

Assortment is there in all nature,

It means the excellence of nature.

Variegated feelings are constantly,

 More excellent and beguiling.

Adds taste to dull and devastate human life.

The pith of majority rule considering.

Regimentation, uniformity and likeness,

Are the traits of a Dictatorial,

 And Fascist state of mind.

Brutalities and oppressions on the planet

For the sake of religion, country, race and standing

 Guiltless individuals tormented and mangled.

 little kids and ladies not been saved.

Following the time

 When the making of this world,

The poor creatures have borne

 The brunt of human fury.

By serving others,

We serve our own selves.

In the welfare of other,

Rests our own particular welfare,

 All our heavenly books, prophets,

 And well-wishers of humankind,

lecturing us to practice this perfect.

The world can be worth living,

just in the event that we follow up on this guideline.


Yearning for Love

Life is unfilled,
I have lost my pride.
Dejection is making me crazy.
Still, you’re not close by. . . .

The torment you are putting me through,
The hurt and the tears,
Don’t you see ?
How much you intend to me?
Do you even give it a second thought?

My smiles have fallen upon blind eyes,
And, my words upon deaf ears.
The sunset falls on one more day,
But, I have yet to see its wonder.

My spirit whispers tenderly for your love,
However, the night is my chilly sidekick.
Annoyance and dissatisfaction concentrate intensely,
While my heart is wrapped in misery.
Regulated I proceed with the voyage,
Yearning just for the glow of pure love.

My love for you I now bury.
The inclination I believed was solid
Has vanished and gone,
So it’s a great opportunity to say farewell.
Adieu Adieu…….

My India, My Country

Crowned with Himalayas

Towering up the Sky.

The land beneath is

My India.

In my heart, you’d see.

I’m from a Country called INDIA,

where the mountains kiss the sky and the desert extends wide.

Where diverse society sparkles

Where family values remains strong with pride

Where Soldiers are Born to

battle and Die for country… .

lets salute these Martyrs who laid

down their lives and as yet doing so…

which make us live securely.

Before us still there floats  the perfect of those splendid days of gold;

Another world in our vision wakes, Love’ India we might ascend to shape.

India, my India, who dare call thee a thing for pity’s elegance today?

Mother of insight, love, works, healer of the soul’s inward ray.


The Wedding

Your marriage alter will be studded
with flowers and lights,
Red, Violet, Crimson and green,
The beating of drums
and the blowing of trumpets,
together with long stereo phoned sound,
will be rising into an indistinct roar.

You will be sitting on your bed,
serene and silent,
with the thoughts of impending rapture.
I will fade, a mere stranger
A tattered piece of your cloth

My Little Soul

My soul,

A definitive inner standard by which,

I think, feel and will,

Is the substance of my human body.

My spirit and body  differ,

Body, the physical object of me,

Will live until my passing,

And then break down.

Individuals join soul to one’s identity.

Now and again, it is connected with the psyche.

The Soul is profound rather than physical.

It is unfading,

It will keep on living autonomously,

Even after I kick the bucket.

We , Women

We ladies have engaging forces inside of us,
We might possibly know it.
We won’t be that solid in  our physical quality
But, we make up with inward quality.
We can bring forth new lives
Sustain our own particular kind and others.

We can be enormous in heart,
In giving out love
We are only the right size to hold both man and infant.
We assume different roles
Have a few caps to handle in the meantime.
It can be out and out tiring now and again.

How regularly do you appreciate us?
Ask our stresses?
Wipe away our tears,?
We laugh and conceal our torment.
you push us away and overlook our needs.
we are raped, tormented and mishandled.
Many times utilized only for joy overlook our pain.

Keep in mind,
Women very often taste the intense,
And give the sweet products of life,
To overcome difficulty,
Pushes past despair and strife.
Women are  delicate,
They are pride of our nation
They are  loving, mindful, and a marvel guide.

A woman doesn’t request regard,
She merits regard.
She is exceptionally solid,
Don’t test her understanding.
She can turn the entire world down
We are Proud to be ladies