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About Avishi

I am right now working in Tata consultancy services and I love writing poems and I hope someday I get to accomplish something through my poems and have peace in my mind.

My Secret Crush

Your smile so warming like the sun in the winters,

and eyes twinkling when you laugh like the midnight sky.

Your voice strong, impacting like the marvel’s Iron fist,

and still has the kindness of a mother.

Your hard work combined with smart work is a good example to look up to,

and the excitement with which you conduct events reminds me of my school’s annual fest.

Your charm does wonder on girls,

and makes all the guys jealous.

Your grace while dancing reminds me of Isabella waling down the aisle,

and your care reminds me of my grandmother feeding me sweets.

Your touch, grabbing my hand to dance still gives me goosebumps,

and when you said ” Drop her safely home”, I knew I made a place in your heart.