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Santanu Halder is a bilingual poet,teacher,editor,translator,interviewer,critic,citizen journalist,writer. He has already authored five books (1) "American Literature" for WBSU Students, (2) Old English Literature in a Nutshell and (3)Magic English (4) Translation of Selected English Poems into Bengali (5) BONSAIED RHAPSODIES –his maiden poetry book in English .He is the life member of Guild of Indian English Writers Editors and Critics and the founder editor of Ichhamoti Review and Student’s English World monthly international Print Magazine. He is the founder of a popular poetry group- English Poetry All Over the World. ). He is one of the founder members and the Join Secretary of SPELL(Society for Poetry,Education,Literature and Language)in Kolkata.His poems appeared in EPISTEME,WRITERS EDITORS CRITICS ,CONTEMPORARY VIBES and Brain Wrixon Books(Canada),UK POETRY LIBRARY(England),,, and many esteemed ISSN journals and e-zines in India and all over the globe.He attended seminars and poetry festivals and read his poems in the different parts of our country.His maiden poetry book Bonsaied Rhapsodies has been reviewed extensively.At present he is preparing his second poetry collection

Divine Sonnet 3

In praise of God I write this soulful verse
You are the only Truth that I do know,
You are my self’s divine healer and nurse
I follow your path wherever I go.
This joyous world of yours, where I live in,
I have a blissful journey,full of mirth.
Where your supreme-self lives, being unseen,
O Lord ! each day my soul enjoys on earth.
My body and mind with you I do unite,
And I forget my earthly life of pain.
I soar in the blue like a flying kite,
And being free, I feel on earth heaven.
When I shall go to your abode to meet ,
I surrender my soul to your Holy feet.

Divine Sonnet 2

My Lord,when I connect my soul with you
With your divine supreme self,full of bliss
My inner self gets purg’d and becomes new.
Then I become no more an earthly piece.
My lesser self which longs for mundane thing,
By your sweet love and touch, changes its mold
My soul centers round you, O hear my King !
In my pure heart I wear a crown of gold.
O Lord! You are my self’s ultimate goal,
Your selfless love enlightens my dark mind.
You are the anchor of my heart and soul,
In you a calm and peaceful world I find.
My larger self when feels your grace and charm.
This earthly longings can make me no harm.

Divine Sonnet No.1

I sing this song to my dear God above,
I dedicate this hymn to you my Lord.
I wonder how you make this world of love,
This soulful verse I hum in praise of god.

A divine light I see in your bright face,
My soul’s eternal source of joy is you.
You have created this universe and space,
I feel your breath even in the drop of dew.

You live in every object of nature,
The sun,the moon, the sky reside with’n you.
You give life to each and every creature,
I know, no thing is hidden from your view.

Allow me,O my Lord! to sing this song
O creator guide my lay if I am wrong.


My word puts signature
On my sacred soul’s sensitive signboard.
It uncovers my inner being
And gives motion to my bubbling thoughts
To my unalloyed poetic emotions
Yet unreleased, unexplored.
My word upholds my spirit upwards
And unshrouds my poetic self,
Waiting to be conquered
By the impending mournful gloom.
It unlabouredly chronicles the things unchronicled
Of my unheard unsung soul.
My word is my signature
And thus unveils the different shades
Of my own identity….