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“90 ML of Tears”

“90 ML of Tears”

An absconding last drop of tear got lost in an ocean,
Hope is the first drop of tear to discover blue skies;
Through undulated plains a river of years flow on cheeks dry,
Don’t feel shy to cry kohl mannequin’s eyes.

Cynically a pale pond of pain pulls and calls everyone inside, my beloved,
And Frogs once in a while like to hear the sound of splash instead; 
Amphibians hide in quicksand of emotions in a flash,
Teardrops are best friends;
Hands of time in parachute coin moments to encash,
Otherwise how would pink lotus petals wash stains of yesterday’s ash?

Peg me one more 90 ml of grief from an uncapped bottle of joy,
Cheers to bottoms up! The bartender gulped and drank himself as a little boy;
Now uninvited guests knock on eyelids to saturate sighs,
Teardrops ink the truth on behalf of tied puppets and anonymous toys.

( All © 25.02.2019 by Aakash )