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About Sameer

Hi, I am from Mumbai (India). Film making is my passion and writing is a great relief. When ever I want to say something or felt about something I used to write poetry. I Started Writing poetry at an early age during school till now. Its the way to say what I feel most of the time about the things which happen around us, a unique way of sharing thoughts without being judgmental.


Decaying with progress
Multiplying like a germ
In the shackles of modernities
Insinuating charm

Blinded with ambition
Obscure existence
Suppressed emotions
No sign of lark

Silenced with noise
Blindfolded with choice
Passionate slaves of desire
Educated for servitude

Reborn to play the same game
Again and again
The inner Paupers
Mesmerized with gain

Masters of discrimination
Trodden with promiscuousness
Some with excess
Others with emptiness

The cradle of
Insecurity and fear
Colony’s of a deprived childhood
Too much to bear.

Only few pillars of Sanity
Not filled with Vanity
In true sprits
Holding the fall.

The Line

The line decides
Where you’ll fall
Like a lottery
Which makes you fortunate
Amongst all.

Beware, this line creates destiny
When it descends
To the imminent perils of life
Clogged in the hands of few
Deprives endless workers of servitude

The line glows in the
gallows of ugly riches
With power it snitches
All your rights

This line is the ruthless judge
capable of creating
a relentless endless fight.

It’s sinister like snake
Remove the line.
Let the establishment fall
The line divides.

Games of Life

Surprise at every moment
Stay uptight
It doesn’t matter
If you are right or wrong
Life is going to play it’s song
Hear it or close your ears
Like waves in water
keep throwing you around.
You will lose the fight
But not the flight
if you are awake.
Be aware when every
breath you take.
Life hates you sleep
In your careless
sophisticated Homes
So it comes to shake you up
To make you more alive.

Train in the Tunnel

When the train crossed the bridge
I jumped near the window
The diamond filled water
moved on the other side
The platform appeared
And moved quickly away,
Then it was calm
I rest my chin on the cold
window railings with a grin
After sometime
The train whistled it’s way
Into the darkness
Stillness engulfed me
Then the tunnel end appeared
I was thrilled and excited
I then saw in the distance
A hill with a slope
And on the slope
There was a small hut of hope
Made up of wood and hay
And there I can see the fire
Appearing through the
Darkness like shining star
The train begin to pass
The hill begin to disappear
I turned my neck with wonder
Who is the family in the house
Who would sit and eat
In that simple house
As the fog covers the
Hill for a cold night.

My Mind

life is simple
my mind is making it tough
it brings me notice that
which is not enough.

My mind shows me where I lack
then it puts me in pressure
to keep me under check
I fight with people in and out
it takes me on a different journey
to prove my self.

The god above laughs
this is my hell and my cross
my passions and obsessions
and my intellect
hang me upside down
showing me all the facts.

Then I want things from others
before even I know
I beg for happiness
from the creatures who are not evolved.

until I turn old
and I cannot take anymore
I fail and fail all the time
still I try even more.

Trying is loosing
choosing is weakness
My work makes me sick
I am on a mission to dig my soul

But, will never hear my
inner voice
which tells me even more
that you are already
a masterpiece created by heavens.

The Sound of the Sea

Have you ever spent
some time near the sea?
On the beach lying alone
When you have nowhere to go

And when you come from nowhere,
You are in the middle of somewhere
Suddenly the seagull screams and
Wakes you up from all your dreams.

The splashing sea
runs like a little girl,
Who wants to have fun,
Under the sourching sun
Waves full of diamond
Of freedom and fun.

As the sun goes down
She becomes warm like a lover
With a song on her lips
She moves and rushes
To hold you in your arms

Have you seen the sea
Always bestowing her charms
Sometimes she gets mad
Sometimes jealous but takes all in.

And throws all out
She is old, she is young
She is deep and dark inside
Rich with pearls of future.

She is rough she is smooth
She is the giver of life
Cradle for civilisation
We all are her sons.

Embrace the love filled breeze
Walk barefoot on the waves
Like she is holding your hand.
She will rush towards you

To wash away the sand.

As it is

Let’s keep them as it is
Why you want change
Even if you try it won’t change.

Except don’t retaliate
Let me illustrate
Have you seen the sea,

With waves; it’s calm
With storms; calm
With seasons; calm

The calmness is her essence
But you perceive it as stormy
That’s the waves

But deep inside as you move
To its core
It is meditation in motion
That is her essence.
Silent Present Aware

All the storms,
All the life
All the pain
Dissolved in the
rays of the sun.

You and your presence
Are different
You and your pain
Are way apart

The body is just a work of art
Express it
Do not identify with it.


In my thousand dream
I saw a smile on my face
know I knew, how I lived
with those voices in my head.

I cannot fix a simple thing
without your help
I used to think I am the best
from the rest.

I kept fighting for more
tried to win every race
but I reached nowhere
even if I increased my pace.

But, Now I no longer feel separated
I tried hard to hold my self
but I surrendered in front
of the rest.

I become one with everything
I walked like I am no more.
The love was flowing all over
I was a child O Mother.

With the tears in my eyes
the sea of emotions in my heart
I want to hug everyone
who crossed my path.

I was the seed
you are the silence
I am the witness
but as I dissolve
I fully blossom

I found the true self
behind my mind.
Now my life is complete
I am the flower on your feet.



Is your love real?
My heart is filled with ecstasy.
in my arms, when you smile,
this life becomes a fantasy.

With your kiss I am transported to moon,
beyond doom and gloom,
swimming in the celestial springs of pleasure
where nature’s nectar bloom.

on the flying mountains of a fixed star,
Glimmer and Shimmer fall from sky,
we fly together on a sparkling river,
where our deepest emotions lay.

every minute lasts eternity
each day we feel more young,
we feed the dancing babies of our imagination
where even the gods cannot come.

But here I am on the earth,
on a rainy day you walked passed me,
I am waiting for this trip with you,
until you smile at me.


I am a wanderer in the city
confidence external, fear internal,
waiting for the signal to turn green
the restless wipers on my windscreen.

I scream when I see a man.
with a cigarette in my hand,
I am anxious to park my car
in the middle of the bazaar.

The sea of crowd, overwhelmed me
I am living same day again and again
I try to fill my void with beer glass,
I am Bourgeoisie with a class.

On the commercial over my head
Up – Half naked girl on the roof of the car.
Below – the new PM candidate smiles
there will more bumps in a while.

My cell cried, I shiver
the new opportunity
makes me confused, I feel sad.
here even the good news is Bad.