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When I was the age of dolls
And toys, I befriended them
In absolute joy of
Unconditional love;
Then ushered in
The turmoil and excitement of teens,
Books and secret crushes. .
The language of silence. ..
Much did I walk hand in hand with them.

Then I grew up…
So did the need and longing for friendship.
The walk friendship, the talk friendship;
Friendship to sew the wounds of heart,
Or the scars of arrogance.

The midnight snack friendship
Or the one that bloomed
Over a cup of tea on a rainy day,
In the rented hostel room.

The friendship that thrived
Either on a shared meal
Or mutual pain
Or a 100 rupee note
Contribution for the college trip.
The ones that evolved like a dew drop..
Felt once, seeped in soul for eternity.

Friendship that grows
Out of common likings..
Or same aversions;
Friendship that offers a helping hand
Or much needed hug when you break into tears..
Or better still
The one that shares..
The unnecessary giggles,
In the middle of road or a boring lecture.

Looking back..
I see the empty spaces..
And moments gone by,
The vacant Balcony
And a deluge of memories.

Friendships, perhaps
Are never forever…
Just like life.

Sakshi chanana

War and Peace


The solitary stone- breaker on the road

Is at war with the unfair god

But makes peace

Looking at his five hungry children,

Who have not been fed for five days.


The beautiful model who just bought a Ferrari

Is at war with the cosmetician for the unwanted pimple

She got on her face.

But makes peace

Realizing that it won’t show on Camera anyway.


The kid in an orphanage

Is at war with the old clothes he hates

But makes peace

Conscious that at least his clothes

Did not forsake him.


They ask me

Who am I at war with?

I say no-one

I have made peace with myself.