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About Sajitha

Sajitha hail from Kerala, India. She is a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. She is working in a MNC since 2009. Even though she's techie person from profession, she likes to introduce herself as a person with creative outlook. She uses her spare time for writing and blogging. Expressing her thoughts through words makes her feel close to herself and brings her hope & happiness.

Are you happy ?

Are you happy?
Murmured by a sweet voice
Genuine question heard after long
Surprisingly came from my little one
But surely worthwhile to think of.

Are you happy?
Like a drop which paved way for a rainfall
Mind piled up with numerous thoughts of “what ifs”
River of everlasting regrets flowed through heart
“What if” life has taken a detour at apt time
Would the buried aspirations been attained.

Are you happy?
Like the breathtaking rainbow after the downpour
Mind began to flow towards optimistic path
Wish-bucket-stack is largely popped out
Loving family, caring friends, aspiring career,
Freedom to enjoy the life in own way
Above all, to sight the lovely smile of my cutie pie
Just erase all negative-ness in this world.

Are you happy?
Yes, I’m happy
Yes, I’m content with my life
Yes, I love my life
After all, happiness is always a choice.



She sat on a lonely bench, with a smile on her face,
Smiling as she’s talking to the mild breeze,
Though hot, it was refreshing and touched her soul,
Daily she has the same question to ask,
Why I feel alone, what I’m missing in life?

As understanding her, it replies by blowing fast to soothe her pain,
Are you missing love or care in life, it whispered,
Not love, beautiful feeling of falling in love is still fresh in her mind,
Definitely not care either, so what’s she’s missing,
It reduced its pace, pacifying her brain.

Suddenly her heart replied, friend in life.
Yes, someone to understand her,
Someone to tolerate her always with love,
Someone to hear the voice of her heart,
Someone to listen to her nonsense.

Last but not least, someone to simply talk and to be with always.
As realized, it blew for last time, comforting her.



She was on her favorite bench under trees,
Enjoying greenery and flowers in park.
Two adjacent rose shrubs caught her attention,
One was fresh with a beautiful flower,
And other was withered with a dull flower.

Being of same kind and in same neighborhood ,
She couldn’t stop to wonder why one survived better .
Curiosity being a weakness, she reached out to caretaker,
With bewilderment, he mentioned withered one is older,
Being first of its kind, they were ignorant of its needs,
Delayed nourishing helped them to save it from dying.

With a sigh he concluded, mistakes happen only once,
Second one bloom with proper timely nourish,
As he returned to his chore, she was left on the thought
At times, it’s inevitable the eldest to end up as challenging ones,
Which has to perish so that succeeding ones can cherish.


Mysterious Love Trail

You came with lots of hope,
Surrounded by colors of rainbow
Little I know those colors converge,
To show light to the path of loss.

You killed the inner perfectionist in one shot,
Leaving only place for regret and sorrow
What happens to be fool proof plans,
Ended up in state of despair and randomness
Erasing the flavor of success achieved,
Through millions of awesome plans.

You killed the long ambition in heart,
Snatching it mercilessly from hand
Leaving a complete vacuum inside,
As it was rightfully desired and earned
It left an urge to question even,
Transparency of crystal clear water.

You killed the aspiration in life,
By giving away the hard earned gem
That too with a heavy mind,
Without a tear and gesture of sigh
Feelings to yearn something in future,
Ended up getting buried deep forever.

You are still in beginning phase,
Still you crushed everything to powder
Now it’s a nightmare to imagine,
What is in store ahead in darkness.


Perfect Timing

Setting Sun looked beautiful and twilight was mesmerizing,
There she was as usual playing with her little one,
Her small one has grown up and she’s two & a quarter now,
God has blessed her with one of his precious ones,
Twinkle in her little eyes and the charming smile made her cute and adorable,
Everything is complete if she had conveyed emotions more than in actions,
It’s her age to talk and sing but somehow that string remained unattached.

Rubbing salt into her wound,her maid stated her baby to be dumb,
Those stinging words tore her world apart, But her little one’s innocent smile boosted her energy,
Closing her eyes and indulging the pain, she hugged her little gem, promised herself to be beside her sweetheart always.

To her surprise, a sweet and delicate voice was heard,
Her eyes couldn’t believe her ears and filled up with tears,
There stood her baby asking “Mom, where did daddy go?”,
And there was no stopping her from that moment.

A Thought

Childhood is an awesome period,
Little was known then though
Summer holidays were really special,
Fun with cousins and on-set of monsoon is memories to be treasured
Icing to the cake was summer exhibition,
Plethora of our favorites toys, food, rides and was no less than Disney world.

Weeks were spent to come up with list of targets,
Usually ending up conquering only half
Always wondered how my parents control their instincts,
As you see it’s full of tempting things around
Money chained our hands from buying whatever we like,
But what’s held them back as they have it in plenty
Always had an urge of asking them but somehow gets missed by another eye catcher.

Now being in their shoes I realized it’s maturity that changes ones thoughts,
Responsibilities comes free with age
Childhood was limited to fun and studies,
Whereas middle age is for survival
Even painful wounds once will look like minor scratches,
We evolve with time so do our priorities which change with age.


Well,I never did

You astonished me
Turning illusion to reality,
Just like those sci-fi movies
You conquered the whole world,
People were caged at home
Soldiers marched through streets.

You amazed me
Turning the need ‘travel’ to inessential,
Erasing the words Tourism and Airlines
You made it to collapse,
Bringing back primitive life
Which is just meant for survival.

You surprised me
Turning tainted world to virtuous,
Bringing a stop to man-made disasters
You restrained nature’s purity,
Letting nature take revenge
In its own sweet unique style.

You startled me
Prioritizing relation over self,
Side-lining work and learnings
You restored meaning of family,
Forcing people to stay under one roof
To redefine the relationships.

You astounded me
Turning one whole year to monotonous,
Changing modus operandi of living
You proved life moves on by taking a detour,
Irrespective of adverse happenings
To reach the predefined destinations.