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About Rekha Moothedath

I'm a teacher by profession, hailing from Calicut, south-west coast of India. I was brought up in a huge joint family, a home in lush greenery and a mile away from the sea shore. Being married to a defense personnel, has enabled me to travel widely within India and once made me write a poem on the great Andaman islands. I did my post graduation in History and I do research papers and have published a paper on medieval Indian feudal society, in the International History Congress. Sometime in the late nineties initiating a life time love with Latin American poetry I mustered up all my passions in writing. Though my head fought battles and spoke peace, poetry was always a deeply embedded part of my soul and I was enamored of her beauty and traveled through the emotions of tempest and silence and overcame the desolation.

Wedding Wreath



She was at the base of those stairs,
Resplendent in her flowing gown and lovely jewels,
She looked like a bohemian bride.
Night spread its wings and flew over the church,
A gentle breeze hugged her gown
and few petals fell from her crown.
Their eyes met but rarely spoke,
Frozen air weighed gravity
of the space they breathed,
of the past they lost.
Cold moon listened as his voice grew fainter;
“You do not belong to me anymore”.
She peered through the window
And fell in love with the setting sky.
Tears ran down through golden curls,
Her wedding wreath with acorns of green,
Array of lavender, honeysuckles and daisies fell,
As she craved for bulbs of those Aloha roses,
Down from the valleys of his garden.
At the back of her flower crown,
A fine white veil breeze down the aisle of pain,
As her white flowers
Intertwined with pearls of Nizams,
so subtle and delicate, fell on his feet,
He wept on the bed of autumn,
Of her wedding wreath,
Leaving the lasting spring,
To the frozen winter.



Loud sea curls up the sandy shore
Darkness fell from heaven
I covered my face behind those curtains
I do not open the window
And let not the breeze embrace as you do it with me
Barnacles clung to the rocks in the sea
Undulating surface of the waves raged
My shadow moved In the parquet floor
Void filled and silence was still
Hawthorne leaves have turned pale
But the scent of it reached those at
Boulevard Malesherbes
As crumbling boat shaking the sails
I opened the door
Vast hall echoed his steps
My castle of leaves shivered
Smell of his hair and odor of his body
Filled the sky with the perfume …
Gloomy wind blowing,
beating the doors
Sea birds flapped their wings
Seeking a hiding place in trembling
Flames of kisses falling with the rain
Earth soaked in the enclosing fury of the sky
Storm raged outside
But her heart pounded heavily
Beating on his chest
Breathing more hurricanes.

The Cage


You may open any door
You want to get out of those high walls 
You are not ensnared in my body or soul
But I wish you’d stay back !
There is nothing in this world
Outside…same old sky and sunlight
But a pitch of darkness soon to come
And you know, Its cold in the street
Day might turn grey
Let the world not drag you
Into petty stubbornness when you leave
Only my cage register your absence
So I wish you stay back !
Glyph and ligatures fall and
I cannot decipher them from their ashes
Cacophony of the unsaid
Will hide behind those fading tombstones
Oh I wish you’d stay back !
That day, a promenade of silence
Will embrace me and in the labyrinth
Of my blank space
I remain lonely
Awaiting in this makeshift heaven
For your return
Its an hour past midnight now
I cannot sleep,
In this wistfulness of fading shadow
Masticating the taste of defeat
I believe,
One day this love inked in petrichor
Will tell you that
I wished you stay back.
Life is what you will learn
Only when life is gone….

Translation of Silence


It was getting late
I must go somewhere
It would not matter where…
But to be with him.
This is not a passion’s game,
but a silent storm.
I descended the downward journey
Immeasurable distance, miles beyond extremity,
beyond the skies, to ultimate destiny. Cold winds blew withered leaves,
Stripped woods bent their boughs.
The moon hides her hopes,
Can’t see any maple blooming,
Nor my willows greening.
But the whole forest falling, fading with the storm.
Is it not terrible?
Think of being lonely.
Lonely forever and ever.
A shrine lamp glowing dim in my heart, it stirred a pain.
Through stripped poplar, maple and daffodils, I reached…
Is it a road house or a deserted castle,
Is it not enough to tempt a lonely traveller?
It was one or two decades ago,
we sat under those writhing stars in distress
and long night turned into day…
I know not what path I chose,
to find you at any desolate place
but I rushed to my destiny!
When I pushed gently at the door,
As it had not been fastened,
Everything was gray with dust,
Thickly spun over with cobwebs.
I drew those curtains apart,
the Stranger faced,
His skin has changed,
though Memories clouded in his eyes
It began raining in the inn
Scraping off leaves along the floor..
We looked at each other and that was all.
when he smiled, he revealed his broken charm,
His eyes interpreted truth.
He cannot seal his thoughts to himself and escape into sleep
as my soul took refuge in him
His lips translated the silence…

Eau de Vie


She smiles,
her lovely curls delights,
She donned a black velvet frock on
the sun dipped down her perfect skin
Her brunette tresses swept in wind
Displaying her diamond earring bright
He looked dapper in dark silk suit
Skinny blue tie and
a patent brogue shoes ,
Watching her in mysterious distance
Shimmering alter candles crimson stars
Floated in the dark silent night
As her eyes met,cognac fell on his tie
feeling Limousin oak cask falling,
He looked with the eyes of connoisseurs, walked up to her,
As lilac fragrance spread
She filled his tulip shaped wine glass
Saint Emilion left her cheeks
a burn red hue with the scent
Of Montant odor …
Her sweet lips tasted a cocktail now
He wondered whether its Martini
Or a petite Champagne or
Is it a startling contrast …?

Autumn Falls


Ripe mulberries fallen on the foot way,
He walked past leaving stains on the path,
Death and winter stopped on the high way,
Hunting dogs barked out in rage.
Cold wind blew the autumn leaves
and smoke spread the smell of the kitchen,
through lofted chimneys,
onto the strange sky.
He walked with long steps against the storm,
There is no one around,
not even shadows.
Once they sat under those cedar trees,
In those luscious shades, in flames.
With burning souls and searing in love.
Now he journeyed home…
to reach before darkness fell,
to bid her farewell,
for the last journey, without him.
He entered the closed door,
held her so tightly and never kissed her,
In this passion, ever before…

Marigold Garland


Silhouetted against the saffron sky
reflected perfectly in the stream below
An orange marigold garland escaped cremation, floated in the current…
Wheels of my dreams traveled through night
Light cast from filigree lamp transformed my room into shadow play
Below the river turned molten in pain…
Spring air was sweeter in halcyon days
Winter days aglow with tulips and crocus…
And this summer night is not so calm,
as it is used to be…
Under the dappled sky
When the moon appeared in bewitching blue…
Your hands always seek mine
and let me not deprive thine…
Is it a delicious dream
Or a sinful delight
Is it firm as the vault of basilica
Or just a novel passion as polo?
As you sleep thousands of miles away from home
With fresh summer willow on your satin pillow
Mail coach man would bring you this letter
Send with him a reply wrapped in astonishing kisses
And raging fire in passion
that you never leave me in disaster
And do not tell me that
You cannot nest in my leafless bough.

Midnight Snow

midnight snow

In the fall of the year,
Leaves died on the heights,
Birds have vanished,
Trees rustling,
Outside my window,
Stood in silence…
Spring sings no more.
Storms left leafless autumn…
I hold his arms now,
Sitting by the fire perchance,
Moon stripped her glow.
Echoes of departure..,
Hearts confessions ..,
languidness ..,
wrapped my night sky..,
Depressing cold hugged me in his mortal pain,
frozen willow,
Lonely pine trees,
Mysterious woods in delirious feverish nights,
Craved another spring…
In the hour of carnage cold,
He walked away,
in untold strange distress.
Leaving me an absent stare,
Stuttering pines wept,
Tears rained snow
In the midnight…

Oh Poseidon


Oh Poseidon, divinity of waters, king of all seas,
I’m born from sea foams
daughter of Zeus and Dione and I love thee with my lust
below the Ultramarine sky…
Are you listening to all, those drum beats of waves
of my heart beats?
Does it sound a loud reveille, over your bare chest of blue?
Or a frail weeping wind
blow across your cliffs?
O Poseidon, my sweet music
Pour sunshine on your foam, to raise me from your ripples
and thus Aphrodite can lust…
Love and lost in your
Unfathomable depth in deepest passion
When breeze whipped my hair,
Erysichthon in you,
tear me into pieces…
I wept in your envied eyes
O my Poseidon,
Your merciless waves, rose in high and in fury
raged my shores, shattering
Cliffs into lustrous sand…
Fill me with blue of Atlantic,
In my veins, beneath my skin run through,
Untouched soul my heart, leaving no desert
drown me in depth till my
Cold pulse lay dead…

The Last Whistle

It was a long winter night here
I’m arriving home ,with the wild wind
breaking those venetian blinds
belgium mirrors and dark rooms
Drowned in the snow,wet with dews
forest shivered,bare and naked ..
Stirred by the dying breath of leaves,
Trees waited worst testament of storm
i have been wishing all the way
Without a choice or compromise
Whether i breathe him or
meet him at the grave..
Every beating of my heart
Played a rhythm of secret
through my nerves and veins
Intensely desiring him
In unhappy hours of this journey
No storm could beat me
as those memories did
No hurricanes could toss me
as those words he filled me with..
Would you forgive me again
seeking those days left behind..?
It was an unnatural beginning
And waiting to sum up naturally..
A promise that swift past me long back
Last train stopped in the midnight
through the mist and meadows
My eyes haunted for the sweet vision
Only once before the last whistle..
When the footsteps approached
Its his arms take hold of me now
Now i’d burn myself in the fire
And breathe in closing lips.