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”I’m with You”

Almost three decades passed…
‘With you,’ I travelled,
As my teen eyes had seen only your eyes…
Like a warrior, you conquered my heart, unaware!
Life gave a somersault in between;
I was ‘with you,’…like an abandoned house, with no care;
Overclocking each hurdles- all alone!
An image of ” two soulful eyes,”
Never let me live isolated,
Giving me company, when I’m all by myself
”With you,” I learnt to live!

After almost three decade long…
We met …our eyes met …
As destiny designed or may be God willed…
You understood the meaning of’ Love’
…that makes your world ripple,
Exchange of passionate words started raining, That brought restraint to storms!
I was soaking in deep love…
Hence, it’s my turn to hold your hands,
And say the ‘three magical words’…
But’Time’ …overpowered !!
Its hands moved like the cyclonic storm,
Uprooting my feelings and laid it in a total silence;
That was the most’ unmagical’ moment’!
The tiny buds of the ‘purple rose’ that wanted
to bloom in your heart, remained in dark- unnoticed…

Sitting in a wooden chair, near the grille window, an open garage oversight,
Counting the eclipsed days to get over;
As the flurry cloud gets cleared too,
”The clear blue sky remains!”

© reema das