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Rashmi Jain is a D.Phil research scholar in Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Allahabad, India.Her debut collection of poems entitled Kaleidoscopic Visions was published in 2015 by Authorspress. She likes reading, writing and gardening.


Soulmates are the abiding force of one’s life
Making one feel complete of its kind
Splitting of one into two and the reunion of two.
Feel the hidden music of life,
Making one feel the best of its vibes
A tale of love and passion,
With the shadows of spring;
And of Autumn,
with the fall of leaves.
The freshness of mystery
With the power of spirituality
The awesomeness of togetherness, the search of oneness.
The inner voyage;
To discover knowledge,
Soulmates are the abiding force of one’s life.
Giving meaning to life not just in one kind,
Plentiful are the ways of expression,
Soul shows purity and mate gives direction to life
Soulmates together makes one finite, to survive in its own lifestyle.


Floods engulf numerous lives
What’s left behind is human misery
Nature in its rage,
Showed the ‘tandava’ of lord of grave
Submersed in water all the way out
The eyes too shed water of pain aloud.
Teardrops lost significance in hour of struggle
God have mercy!
Have mercy on poor souls,
O Murugan!
Guide with your vision.
Humans are image of You.
Protect and help them in hour of danger.
Its aftermath exhibits
Loss of life, property and labor.
Layers of debris and rotten smell is left behind,
Pain in eyes and heart full of sorrow.
O savior! lend a helping hand.
O savior! lend a helping hand.


Failures are stepping stone to success
Then why failures bring one to a stand still?
Failures exemplify imperfection, carelessness and unfocused attitude.
One needs to learn from failures,
Failures and success are two sides of a coin
Just a flip and
Destiny brings new endeavours.
Focus, diligence in combination with hard work changes failures to success.
Crimes are being committed out of failures,
Lives are being ended out of failures,
Why this drastic step?
Give one more chance to yourself.
Life is a beautiful gift of God
Don’t end it like that.
If failures are stepping stones to success,
One is on the first step towards success
Take few more steps to taste victory.
Do not hurt yourself and others
due to failures.
Stand up with your head high, as failure is just a pebble in the
Path of flowing river of life,
Just a push and the hurdles are crossed.
Failures are stepping stone to success
Failures are stepping stone to success.


Why emptiness exist in a fulfilled life?
Why completeness is haunted by emptiness?
The forlorn thoughts,
The mesmerizing voices are heard no more.
In a crowded spot, emptiness echoes,
Somewhere deep inside the core of heart emptiness resides
Complete darkness, hollowed self,
Paired with grief and intense pain.
Lonely fight within and outside,
Why emptiness exist in fulfilled life?