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Hi I am from Kerala a state situated in the south western tip of the Indian subcontinent.Poetry is my passion. I think i am not a poet. I am just a man standing on the shore of poetry with respect and awe.The most beautiful poem ever created is nothing but the nature. I believe that.I scribble some words in the format of poem and i do not know if it becomes a poem.Ah my full name is Satheesan Rangorth. I am pleased to announce that I have published a collection of my poems in a book titled as SNAPSHOTS OF A FIREFLY.The book is available on line at AMAZON.COM My second collection of my poems titled "Memory Sprouts" Vol I, II, III was publidhed in 2019 that's all friends Satheesan Rangorath

Rocky Silence

Solitude has become his solid nature of existence.
A solitary rock stands aloof and alone on the shores
of memories, Years and years have passed on his way
still, lives fresh in the mind of the time as a towering edifice.

The World has been passing through an incessant infinite flow of time
Each moment is an event, recorded in the history of the world.
A molten ball from the spittle of sun, planet earth was born
The fluid of fire became firm and cooled in the ocean of time

Oceans and continents formed from the wishes of God
slowly life ticked through the metamorphosis of evolution.
Planet earth was ruled by many generations of creatures
dinosaur’s era to the modern twenty-first-century rulers

wisdom dawn on human beings, they took over the world
The man became a social animal and created social reforms.
Created religions and rules for peaceful living in the society.
Renaissance and reformation took place, art, and architecture

Dictators, kings and emperors, autocrats and, fascists
All those who had ruled never lasted forever
They all have disappeared in the dustbin of history.
My rocky mind witnessed revolutions, world wars, holy wars,

Now an intellectual warfare is going on in the modern time
People are divided on basis of caste, creed, color, and religion
Rich exploits the poor for the gains and greedy of wealth,
trying to kill each other, destroy the world with nuclear warfare.

I know even this will pass, I am a silent observer, I know the future
when you create a nuclear winter by the stupidity of craziness,
I will be here to last and witness the frostbitten world of debris
Will watch you motionless and stare into infinity emotionless
My silence will record everything of past present and future
I am the historian of the events of time with an ink of smile


Bubbles float all around
moves in slow motion
on the wings of breeze.
A rainbow comes alive
gleaming in colours.

Galaxies afloat
in the ocean of universe.
Opera house is fully lit
tiny little confetti’s fall.

The floor is littered with
colourful pieces of dead hues,
crushed under the feet of dancers.
Every aspect in the cosmic dream
fades away into oblivion

One fine morning
the macro, microcosm
sucked into the black hole anonymous,
compressed to a dense mass.
Nothing remains except
dark impenetrable hole
of time and space.

Five elements escape
into the individual identity
Rule of entropy prevails
to convert order to disorder.

Jet engine was propelling.
Suddenly a false signal
the mechanic on duty
was sucked into black hole.
Mess of life lie scattered around.

The Bonfire Of Divinity

The bonfire of divinity
Spreading cool warmth
In the midsummer of life
Many sits around the bliss
Of great master.
She manifests as a cool
Phenomenon in the heat
as a bonfire of comfort.

Watching millions of souls
Folks around her in the comfort
Security of her wings
Well protected from the calamities
Of day-to-day. Mundane living.

She awaits hoping her children
to enjoy both heat and cold
By lighting a bonfire of metaphysical
Until dawn arrives with all its
Splendor the cinder will last
Emitting flames of delight

With a lively hope let me
Sleep on your lap with a dream
filling my thoughts with
good hopes.

Her holiness lives as an incense,
Burns as camphor , shows
that nothingness of world.

Flaming as candle melting
to spread light and bliss
to the world.

Every grain of sand

Every grain of sand speaks
Each limestone murmurs
The heat waves, wilderness
Desert storm
Sand dunes, mirages, have a mystery

There is the secret hideout of culture
Still pompous prestige
Hidden safely under bowels of the earth
In the folds of Giza desert re-lives
Is the epitome of Egyptian history

The aristocracy was respected
Kings and queens were
God’s representatives on earth
Thousands of slaves
Many years their masters toiled
under heat and dust of barren Giza
Built those marvels of wonder

Once it was a busy site
Serfs their tug of war with big boulders
Sounds of whiplash
Commands of foreman
Engineers, physicists astronomers
chemists, planners
cavalcade of royals
princesses and princes

Chopping chipping sounds
on limestones
Construction of pyramids
In half-finished stage

Every two minutes a fifteen ton
boulder placed on the geometric creation
During the night, stars and planets
gazed on earth watching the artwork
Time was riding a chariot
Spilling delight
A drizzle of starlight in appreciation
at last, they created the sentinel for the site
Another aesthetic masterpiece, the sphinx

At last, the three pyramids for pharaohs built
Declaring to the lords of heaven
A pathway for kings and queens
There they twinkle the magnificent three
While Cleopatra taking her bath in the Milkyway

All sounds put together

I spoke many words.
Wrote many,

Made sounds,
while looking back,

I can see mountain cliffs.
All the words written,

Noises of all creatures,
put together

we built glaciers
of excreta from the mouth.

We made a big bang,
of words, colours and

When silence creeps,
World retires to deep

Only seed of thoughts
awaiting germination.

Obese pixels

Unexpected the monsoon started.
Large taproot splinters lit the clouded sky.
The roar of elephant herds
Fertilized seeds of time Hiding in the earth sprouts
Mutations happen in the entire human races.

Couch potatoes playing on the drawing-room sofa tossing remotes.
Dady well dressed sweet potato ready to office, jumps into driver’s seat
screech and swirling car tyres.
Mom well-grown bulged tapioca roots
often walks down the alley with a thud.

Sister another bull sized beetroot,
rolling over the streets.
The city is invaded by obesity radishes, carrots,
overgrown bulbed yam men,
dancing colocasia in the disco clubs.
Road roller Chinese potatoes

Fatty sumo wrestlers
crowding the world huddling the space.

World reminiscent of the era of
dinosaurs woolly mammoths.
Another new vegetation of new generations living in a digital silicon valley Oversized DNA roots
Motherboard deep into obese pixels

Light murmuring giggles

the warmth of the evening sun
this cold breeze
trying to penetrate my sweater
monkey cap stops the whistling wind

relay runner from the east exchanges the baton
diving deep in the lake for a swim
his clouded denim lies scattered in the horizon
stretching his hands in butterfly strokes

floats on his back relaxing
spitting stream of water like a whale
the golden granules cascade
day falls into the lake
birds gliding over the western sky
returns to their winter resorts

the new white paint
on the beach bench
underneath my dog watching the sky birds
frogs leap for a night symphony
silvery angels dive their fins wave

serenity floats across the lake
solitude is invaded by serenades of my mind
dream of youth still hangs in the cataracted eye
the sound of chiming anklets
a ripple of waves kiss the shore
light murmuring giggles behind
breath of bliss

To live on nothing

phantasmagoric spiritual ecstasy
having transcended this world
he started living among gated community

had madly dressed in torn loin clothes
his unkept hair,
long beard reaching chest

mad mendicant
often referred to as crazy for his hippie
manners, mannerisms
picked any food, good, bad, stale
or from the wastebin
relished whatever came his way

slept in the burial place
near the burning pyre
used a discarded wreath as pillow
stretching his hands and legs to flame
to wade away the cold
brewed his morning coffee
from the cinder of burned bodies
lit his cigarette from smoking twig

stray dogs slept with him
kept company
often owls trumpeted their presence
with three sixty degree rotating heads
bulging fearful red glowing eyes
shadow of moonlit
silhouette of cactus ferns

one dark moon day
she came with her long matted hair
bloody red eyes, long tongue out
gate keeper of death and dead
the goddess of death
tried to wake him up, did her best to scare him off
the saint did not budge
fearless detached ‘rishi’ had no fear

surprisedly pleased the goddes of death
offered him a boon
but he refused and went to sleep
having nothing to gain from this world
pietist scolded her off

on insistance from Kaali he agreed for a boon
just let her switched his
elephantiasis from right leg to the left
blissful happy man to live on nothing
philosophy of spirituality

Flame of love

at last she broke the silence
since born she was a crying baby girl
from the time immemorial
she carried forward her sorrows

from the insecuritiy of womanhood
many cinders inside the hearth
mind was covered in the ashes
while keeping the fire burning
letting smoke and fumes often off her chest

time paraded brfore her vision
in several, a baby, a teenage girl, a young lady
woman, a lover, a grand daughter wife, mother, an employer, an employee, grandma, greatgrandma

all these time she was billowing
flushing out smoke
from the sacrificial hearth
got reincarnated
flooding her lava of womanhood
into the ground of grace

cooling her anger she created pure motherly springs
became mother of all
keeping the flame of love burning inside
as wick of time

Cluttered thoughts

rocking like a rock cliff fully boozed
legs moved like a stripteaser
head nodding areca nut tree in all directions

darkened teeth nicotine tarred
yellow teeth turned red
from betel leaves chewing
the tail bit stuck over his left side of the forehead
grey black hair
sticky with oil mixed with sweat
untidy crumbled dhoti
dirty full sleeves shirt folded to his biceps

smoking a beedi spreading smoke
all around him like a steam engine
strolling on the beach as a toddler
hitting on crabs trying to escape

feet leads to the silvery waves
of the sea peeping the marine life
trying to lift the corner of the ocean
pretending to lift a blanket
to cover his face

picking a piece of paper
he squats on a beach bench
scribbles his compressed thoughts
a verse from the depth of his core
distressed shouting with anger
he read it loudly to the infinity
fluttering his cluttered
thoughts like this scribble
before he embraced her into his eyes
snoring, deep sleepwalking
into unknown realms of crazy creations