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Poetry!! ! The Expression of soul. Poetry ! A perpetual stream of sacred consciousness flowing ever and ever beyond planets and stars and even plenty of universe. writing poetry since teen age. Use to write chiefly in three languages viz English, Bengali and Hindi.Retired from government service still have to cover a long journey. Life may come Life may go but a poet goes on for ever.

A Lone Traveller

I am a lone traveler
to pass through the universal life

I asked so many, some responded
some regretted, some left me in the mid-path
finally, i adopted the incantation
of Kavi Guru, ‘EKLA CHALO RE’.

Now, I am a solitary traveller
of this universal path
to complete the journey and
make my journey ease

Sometimes, it makes me to think
everyone has come alone in this world
and will go alone from this world

So, I am a solitary traveller
in my universal journey
to discharge my all duties
what are entrusted to me

I do not feel myself to be unfortunate
and leave my all assignment incomplete
and surrender myself in the mid-way
only for the rescue of myself

In the decay of my life
my each organ of my body
will prove to be failure
except my soul to complete
the eternal journey to reach
the eternal aptitude.

All rights reserved
Ramesh Rai

The Eternal Journey

I have to make a long voyage
to wander through the sky lane
under the pavement of Galaxy
I have to reach the firmament

Fifty six of my days have been passed
only in fostering my family
but now I have decided to launch
the caravan of peace and prosperity

Because I am unable to depart
leaving my fellowmen in pitiful condition
Thus, I have to complete the journey
with the cheerful guys.

o the Curator of the creation
give thy assistance to begin my voyage
with a firmness of my soul
I must relax in heavenly abode.

Primo of my life may not cause any reason
to leave the world in distress condition

O my poetic venture
thou delight the world
with thy perfume
pilfer all the petulant of this world

Because I have to go on a long voyage
Not I am predominant here
in the asylum of this world
hankering after wealth and fame
which can not be taken from this world.

O thy nature of the universe
make my journey of a delightful horse
which can surpass all the obstacle in path
and reach the supreme destination hath.

All rights reserved
@ Ramesh Rai

Existence Of God

Where the love exist without any prediction
There the God exists without any hesitation

When the life exhale with full submission
Then the God inhales with full adoption

When the mind inflames with new creation
And the soul sinks with full devotion
Then the God reincarnates with full entity
And makes the whole phenomenon with full explicity

Where the heart confines with full credibility
There the God dispels all obscurity
And the life flows with full velocity
That can’t be stopped by any obtusity.

All rights reserved @ Ramesh Rai
30th July, 2016.

My Search

I’m searching something
I don’t know
What I’m searching for.

But I am searching
Which I don’t know.
I’d have searched it out
If I could know
What I have to search.

I’m searching something
Like the rest of the world
Searching and searching
Love, Peace and Happiness
Still consequence is discomfort
Leading to a miserable life
As if Search is in vain
Leaving all aside.

But search is incomplete
Not known within
How many era.

Though I don’t know
What I’m searching
But my search ‘ll be continued
Till the devastation of the creation
When I’d sit on the hump
And will peep into each particle
To realize the fact of creation and devastation
Till then I’ll be searching and searching
To obtain the goal of creation.

All rights reserved
@ Ramesh Rai

Lesson Of Survival

Lesson of survival

Let us learn the lesson of survival
In acute condition of life
When failure comes one after another
And preaches us the lesson
Not to stop, not to bend
But to mend the accurate shape
Fittest for survival in deep corner
That can accrue interest of life.

Let us learn the lesson of survival
When life begins with new morning
And it’s first ray touches the feet of success.

Inspiration of survival and to proceed
Sprouts from every endeavor
Followed by descendent of gross failure
And enables to complete the span of life.

Let us learn the lesson of survival
Dispensing all God father or mother
Rather holding finger of God
That will lead us to an eternal life.

All rights reserved @ Ramesh Rai
27/4/2016. Howrah.

Search for life

I’m searching
For smoothness of life
Somewhere I’m searching
To get riddle of life
In the flawness of divine solitude.

I find apathy of life
Where forbearance is amplitude.

In the second scanning
I mesmerize my life
To overthrawt for peaceful exclusuion
To navigate the posture of my life

I like to come across
The unfilthy atmosphere
Where life can sustain
In all narrowness of life.

All rights reserved
@ Ramesh Rai


You are the great
you are above the God
the depth of your heart is infinitive
you are more kind and pacific
than any state of nature
You are the universal
you are common for all
all languages of all creatures
says you with the identical name
you can do all
for the sake of your child
do not hesitate even
to sell your body
for foster of your child
You have no replacement
I bow my head
before all mother of the world
due to you only
this world is survived
thy name is love
You are the idol of peace and affection.
Any praise in thy favour is less.

@ Ramesh Rai January 24, 2012

Poetry !

Poetry !!!

my beloved one
my sweet heart
my damsel
how pretty you are!

you never hurt me
you never rebuked me

How long did i miss you
I feel convict before you

It is not
you do not have any language
you do not have any word
you do not have any melody

you are as crystal as water
you sublime the melody of life
and takes its own shape
where fitted with

you have the expression
you have the impression
you have the patience
you have the courage

you are the eyes of blind
you are the ears of deaf
you are the voice of dumb
you are the power of timid
you are the emotion of nature

you manifest yourself in each device
with each moment of nature

you daily come by morning
in rainbow color
well dressed with
glittering sunrays
you manifest yourself
with chirping sound

you help me daily
in my office work

you make me sleep
with sound sleep
and sweet dreams
you twinkles in various stars
when night spreads on the earth

your all consciousness has risen up
upto the extreme memoir
to the depth of fragrance
never to end till decade
the universe in existence

@ Ramesh Rai, September 27, 2011.

Love Without Pain

Fire is unexpected without smoke
Love is also unexpected without pain
If love is fire then pain is smoke
Smoke is the realization of fire
Pain is also the realization of love
Fire is the coincidence of two objects
Love is also coincidence of two hearts
Soul is free from pains and pleasures
Mind can only understand the pains and pleasures
But heart can feel the pains and pleasures
May be throughout life
Love of one’s is not understood
But isolation of the beloved one
Makes us the realization of one love
Love is the natural phenomenon like fire
Life without love is a barren land
Fire sometimes burns to ashes
Love also sometimes makes the life to ashes
If life is delighted due to love
Surrounding is also enlightened due to fire
But when love and fire comes together
Fire is extinguished due to love of a beloved one .

@ Ramesh Rai November 5, 2011

Missing Page

Missing Page

Some pages are missing
When I tried to unfurl
Book of my life
Where that pages have gone ?

I still peep into the book
Again and again
Has it been torn by anyone
Or stolen by my beloved.

Those pages were precious
And more important
Which I can never confess
To redeem my life.

On the canvas of life
Space is left empty.

@ Ramesh Rai 19/02/2016