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Janmastami : The Birth Divine

Janmastami : The Birth Divine

In the darkest dead of night
Hours of deluge and deaths, denials
Comes the child in swelling waves
Of human tears in cosmic trials.
The groves resound with melody
Divine flute in rhapsody
The world revolves in godly rhythm
Enchanted in a celestial design.
The flute pervades the decay and rust
Love replaces putrid lust
In eternal flames of divine grace
Surrender of the self benign.

@Dr. Piku Chowdhury


If you see the wistful blue in a cloistered frozen frame,

Seeking the dome of a seagull’s path

You have seen the foundering life-

Beneath marble perfection.

It takes a wound to find the flaw

evidence of an imprisoned life,

Taciturn love in pristine gloss

Yearning for a salvation.

The Taj is hawked in gimcrack stalls

Immortal love on macabre sale

Antique in some lonesome parlour

Drooping lotus in a canker tale.

If you see the kohled lash dewy

by the frothy flaccid flow

of Yamuna, then you have seen

Life’s lust for liberation.


Half closed eyes in mystic trance,
Smoky tress fly in frenzied fire
Burning lust, and decayed desire
Shiva in colossal tandava dance .
Mountains crumble
Histories stumble
Thunders rumble
Shuddering sick ploys wane perchance.
Unmoved stillness in third eye
Swelling seas and darkened sky
Swirling suffering, sinking sins
Shuffling lines of losses and wins.
Stillness amidst the chaotic steps
Changing vistas, numbing waits
For that calm to touch droopy souls
Blossoming parijat behind the Lance.