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Close Encounters of the Covid-19 Kind

Two steps forward,

two steps back

Another vacant thought

More time to think,

but don’t want to

I feel great,

but then I don’t

The mystery virus we talk of,

but don’t really know

Take it easy,

keep active they said

Antibodies will help,

vaccine is better

It’s over in weeks

it lasts forever years

Over a year now,

but right up to date

it could be you yet,

who really knows?

Christmas, again.

Tension is rising,
pressure is mounting,
creeping up on us to challenge our poor cash flow;
We give out of guilt
to meet promises we didn’t keep last year,
We give in response to receiving,
it’s all a game;
We look to the media for entertainment
we rummage through countless stores
for that something unique;
we’ll do our best again to please everyone,
reluctantly we receive
reluctantly we give,
as the colour drains from our bank account;
“Merry Christmas”
“Happy Holidays”
and don’t forget..
to smile!

Morning Again

Trees seem just a black silhouette

Against the canvas of the darkening sky.

Dimensional images are gone with distance and perspective.

Perhaps that’s why we fear the night and lose confidence in ourselves.

Longing for the dawn’s early light to see again our way ahead.

Who is it that loves the night to earn his stripes and kill his prey ,

to treat the day as enemy and shun the light to stop its rays.

Beware of him who thinks this way,

who fuels our fear when dusk draws near.

Only one gives light whatever time of day or night

it is him we choose to keep our sight.

Easter Weekend Again

So I survived the weekend without alcohol or drugs,

or buying a half price sofa deal, a fixed price laptop,

75% off carpets and whatever else offer was thrown at me.

What I chose to do didn’t end at 6pm today

or demand 19.9% interest over 3 years

or will wear off by lunchtime.


I chose to celebrate everything that has worth,






and forgiveness

are found at The Cross.

Keep Going

Life’s great, life’s a ball
Life’s top notch when you have it all
Achievements are a beauty to behold
When all that glitters turns to gold

It’s then that something unawares
Lays in wait for you, and bares
a snare that no one would expect
A wrong to challenge intellect

In times like these we oft forget
That every need is always met
By one who knows what lay in wait
And plans a way so true and straight

For every valley we shall face
already has a route in place
just think ahead and take on board
Abundant life is from the lord

He brings me through with love and grace
And soon will see him face to face.
We have one life to get it right
Be sure to keep on walking in the light

The Cross Upon his Shoulders

There was a weight he had to bear

A burden beyond compare 

The predetermined path to death

With every ounce of desperate breath


The cross upon his shoulders lay 

Knowing there’s no other way

To go the course complete the will

Of him whose wrath he could fulfill.


He’ll never walk that road again 

No criminals walk of death sustain

No piercing pain of timber weight

Or jeering crowds of fearful hate


I am convinced and now confess

That on that road of loneliness

The cross upon his shoulder then

Was not the burden carried for men


The Father’s judgment, sins reward

No passing cup, no golden chord

My guilt my shame my sin my death

Jesus carried till his final breath. 


Completed Work of Calvary

They shouted “Crucify” the man who’d come to save
But Pilate washed his hands before the crowd
“I am innocent” he said “of the blood of this just man”
But the people took the blame on their own head

They put on him a robe, and a reed placed in his hand
With a crown of thorns then pressed into his brow
Then they bowed the knee and with the reed they smote his head
And then mocked him saying “Hail King of the Jews”

His own garment was replaced and as they were come out
They found a man named Simon of Cyrene
And Simon bore the Cross as Jesus was too weak
With Golgotha as their destination place

His hands and feet were nailed to the splintered Cross
Yet the nails were not the things that held him there
The Cross was lifted high and jolted into place
And with two thieves Jesus was crucified

He cried ,“It is finished” ,then gave up the Ghost
They’d killed the perfect man, or so they thought
After three days in the tomb, he rose up from the grave
And ascended to prepare a place for us

He did it all for me, he died to set me free
I thank Him and love Him for the Cross.


(Based on Matthew’s account in Chapter 27.)


You are Blessed

You are blessed


Strength for the weak, the earth to the meek

Comfort to all those who mourn

The hungry are filled, the troubled heart stilled

The eyes of the pure shall adore

Rejoice and be glad, your reward Is at hand

The abundance of Heaven equips us to stand


Run to Him weary, burdened, distressed

The one who returns shall be given the best

Now our sins are as far as the east from the west

For all who believe they are blessed

Be salt and be light, bring peace in the fight

Let insults be hope for reward

Let good deeds be seen, rejoice in between

The Kingdom is ours says the Lord

Rejoice and be glad, your reward is at hand

The abundance of Heaven equips us to stand

We’ll run to Him weary, burdened, distressed.

At one with him who has given the best

Now our sins are as far as the east from the west

For us who believe we are blessed

( Based on The Beatitudes )

Jesus at the Well

His desire was to go through Samaria first,

To arrive at a well at the Height of his thirst

A woman came down to draw water each day

And met this man Jesus who’d steered from his way


He recalled her life and he spoke of her sin

The husbands she’d had and the places she’d been

He spoke in a way that she understood

He said “Drink of my well it will quench you for good”.


It didn’t take long for the twelve to arrive

Surprised to find Jesus with the Samaritan wife

They looked at each other but no-one asked why

And breaking the silence she said her goodbyes


It played on her mind going home in remorse

She told all her friends and her husbands of course

I’ve met the main man, the messiah, the one

He knew all about me, the things that I’ve done


You need to come with me to listen , to see

Experience the power his words had on me.

I just want to see the look on your faces

To believe he was here at the well of all places.


“Is this the Messiah”? “is he really the one”?

He spoke strange things like “The time had now come”,

And “God would be worshipped in spirit and truth”

So off they all went to see living proof.


Wherever they went they heard of his fame

The things he had spoken were true as she claimed

The converts were many in Samaria that day

And all because Jesus had journeyed that way