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Am a busy marketing senior executive ...seeking poetry and writing as an outlet for living life outside the four walls of my office... will be immensely content if my writing can contribute in any manner to the well being of my followers....

The Alarm Clock!

The alarm clock shrieks deafeningly,
angry as a dominant wifey
prompt as sub hub,
but punching the stop button
feels so awesome
like I taught her a lesson
that should have been done years ago
happily, I jump out of my bed
my energy cells activated
all batteries recharged
the blood and adrenalin gets flowing
greeting another glorious dawn
good morning, dear life
so happy to see you again!

Hopes Subsist

Did I just look at the twilight,

or notice the last rays of light

a horizon, so obscure

Still unsure about the earth, feel it

swirl like a whirlpool in still waters

eddies seem gyrating below,

wriggling out of its drag

darkness engulfs

is it the end of light?

Or beginning of a humdrum

Treading into the warm night

The lofty precipice ahead

Just seemed to wedge the star

From her tiniest of twinkle

this murkiest new moon day

When things go haywire,

routine just makes no sagacity

until the firefly gleamed

igniting the unexploited spark

a sardonic conception,

an expanse of affection

Opposites Attract

Over pre-set viewpoints

Listlessly we wander

Our domains collide

Opposites attract

Smash into each other

Contraries not endurable

One world, one life

An iota of a lifetime

Spent on amplifying hatred

Not outlying from now

Every bloke will build an own cocoon

To hide and be inert to

Peace and compassion


How magnificent would it be?

If every man could revel in his own space

Sans frontiers to welcome love

Spend the iota of life time

Revering in the peace and harmony

Embracing each other, whenever

Opposites attract!

Wet Love letter


I wrote to you

All the things I couldn’t tell

A beautiful letter

Consummated by love

Drained with the effort

Eyes moist when I finished

Parched gullet

I reach for the glass of water

My shivering hands betrayed

Debilitated state of mind

I gasp, as things unfold before ne

The glass tripping over

The jotter getting immersed

The words changing shapes

Meaningless paint designs

I grab at the piece of parchment

That now has footings all my secrets

   All my infamous burrows                     

Which I wanted to reveal to you

A blind courage that you will run to me

Knowing the real me

Alas, I can’t write anymore

I don’t want to write anymore



wet love letter

Running Away

I chose to run

Away from you

Your magnificence and benevolence

That ignites the burning desire inside

Puts my craving and passion on fire


I chose to run

Unsure, if the fire stays perpetual

Or, develops into a raging inferno

That scorches all, mind body and soul

Leaving behind a trifling mound of ash

Eventually blown away in a gust of

Wind and squall


I, so, chose to run

Away from your incandescent glow

Hitherto, burning desire intact

Your magnificence and benevolence

Still at large,

My craving and passion still on fire

Staying eternal and forever and ever and ever

Double Act

My split personality

Bright and shiny upfront

Infectively happy and cheerful

My other half, veiled façade

A nether world obscured

From real time

Darkest secrets, anecdotes of

Lust, deceit, lies.


Years passed by

Jugglery between black and white

Like asymmetrical oscillations of a pendulum

Trials in life, oriented towards

Scheming the lateral swing

In the direction of dark and bright

The virtual dark, my problem,

My real life


A silent prayer, Oh Almighty

Preserve the veil strong

As I grow timeworn and weak

Let the world comprehend only the part

That I allowed them to see

Even if you take me to hell for the part they didn’t!