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Nikitha Hingad is a young woman from Bengaluru, India. She is a graduate in commerce and is currently pursuing her academic interests. She writes poetry in her free time and shares it with her close friends. Her other interests include art, dance, music and reading. As a child, she was exposed to books of varied genres such as philosophy, fiction, comic, self-help etc. Writing a book was always her dream She published her debut poetry Philia and Sophia in March 2015

Past Tragedies

Past tragedies are painful
Turning old scars to fresh wounds
Taking the soul to the terrible time
Revenge is evil they say
While the victim suffers forever
Culprit guiltlessly tortures more
Don’t play the victim
Dont just defend
Take the weapon to attack
Till fear supresses the culprit
Let the culprit feel miserable
Cautious of your attack
Then let go of him
Cause weak are not be attacked .

( ©nikithahingad )