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About Nikhat Bano

I am an ESP (English for Specific Purposes) Instructor by profession. I love to write romantic and spiritual poems and I find a great sense of relief after penning down my thoughts on paper. It has now become a passion for me and will continue as long as I live.

All Things Raw

A love so raw yet so refined
a charm so vague yet so defined;
Saw a damsel roaming in the wild
rustic outwardly, inwardly a child.

A young bride clad in a red trousseau,
her modesty peeping through her arched brow;
In that arid land she was a floating spring,
proud to say, she was my prized finding.

“I know my gaze amazes you.” She once sighed.
“And the kohl of my eyes gives you sleepless nights.”
“The tinkles of my anklet bells
and my bangles’ trill,
have all chained you and revolted against your will.”

More she confided, “My home is this vast wasteland,
here I live with my man though weird, yet grand.”
“In seclusion we’ve solemnized our union, O’ Stranger!”
“Me and my solitude wander around together.”

“For me my co-traveller spins a dream every night,
together we strive to finish a journey of lack and might”,
“Having sand beneath our feet and stars above heads,
we cherish our lives of bedouinism and its trends.”

“By tying an unseen string with me, you’ve proven yourself to me,”
“O Visitor! you’ve chosen an untread path to reach upto me.”
“I’m amazed that I’m desiring a thing of this desirous world”,
“O Visitor! You’ll remain in my heart even in my after world.”

Copyright ©️ DrNikhat Bano
All rights reserved. August 05, 2021
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Walking With a Shadow

Oddity was stretched out far and wide,

eminence was hidden behind obscurity;

That unpredictable journey

on a stony stretch wearied me.

Never knew, why did I choose to walk,

that sunken bridge, that night?

Why did I dare to vault darkness?

in an uncharted land?

It was a ramshackle bridge

running across a silent river,

the black water of which was a crouching beast

ready to gulp anything coming in its way.

A nightmarish experience

to be forgotten, when awake;

A cynical experience

to be avoided, even in dreams.

Surely, it wasn’t less than a death trap

where a moment was like a year;

From the open holes of that bridge,

I could see a scary world downwards.

An unknown fear ran across me.

Wished to reach my destination soon before

being vapourized in that murkiness.

Sometimes, to ward off loneliness

the only remedy remains, is wandering,

and only wandering.

Treading on a signless path and

moving in a nameless direction,

Somewhere I knew,

I didn’t belong to that time and zone.

I kept introspecting myself,

even deeper than ever.

Looked around for a companion,

but none I could see.

In that haze, at a distance,

saw a few souls walking ahead of me

and a few walking behind me.

They cast a puzzled glance and

went their ways, as if I didn’t exist.

As I was struggling to walk

saw someone on my right with a warm smile;

Although he was a stranger

yet he looked familiar,

for a reason unknown, that moment

my heart unlocked a secret – he was mine.

He stretched out his hand towards me

to hold mine, I stretched out my hand to hold his.

Holding his hand, I continued my journey ahead.

The quantum of solace which he gave,

was immense.

A friendly shadow in an unfriendly world,

The fear of fall got vanished from me,

the rocky stretch became a levelled path,

and the trudging became pompous for me.

My zealous escort took me to his mansion

where red carpet was rolled out for me.

They made me a royal guest that night,

I was greeted by his clan all old and young.

After a grand feasting

they made me rest on a royal couch,

placed near a huge window facing an orchard.

The scent of jasmine and the sight of fruitfulness,

fed my soul to its fullest.

I kept thinking about their simplicity and richness.

What kind of souls are they? What kind of life they live?

I was amazed by their luxuriance in that wilderness.

A sense of amazement and appreciation gripped me.

I was all praise for them.

When the grand hospitality was over

the time of departure came.

I wished to see my comforter once more,

to redeem his favour, but he wasn’t around.

Later, my escort appeared, adorned with

the same warm and friendly smile. In my heart

I Wanted him to be my escort once again, but it couldn’t be.

With a great honour and respect they bid me farewell.

I was made to sit in a horse-cart with a wise woman,

she indulged me in a pleasant chat, all through.

Whatever they were, they were noble souls,

my heart testified.

As I was lost in my thoughts, the darkness ceased,

and my world was visible in the distance.

I had crossed with ease, the same unlit bridge.

Even now, whenever I think of that dream,

I find myself trudging on the same treacherous path,

feel the same touch of my admirer, and

experience the same red-carpet welcome.

For years, a question kept me awake,

Why did he not choose to be my escort in my return journey?

Suddenly, a lightning flashed across my mind –

Then who was he, in charge of that horse-cart, that night?

A comforting smile crossed my lips,

my face glowed with a sense of gratitude.

It was peace and only peace all over, all that night.

For him I was someone that night,

for him I was a celebrity that night.

Copyright © DrNikhat Bano September 23, 2020. All rights reserved

The Governor’s Wife

A love story from history, is a pearl from time’s necklace,
a story of satanic persuasion and angelic repulsion;
An empress’s fall as a wanderer and a slave’s rise as a governor.
A tale of one’s decadence and other’s ascension.

Walked on the banks of river Nile, was a woman named Zolekha,
a beautiful, wealthy aristocrat, the Second Lady of Egypt;
Infatuated and obsessed with a Hebrew slave, named Joseph (PBUH),
whose angelic persona was slandered by this passionate elite.

God saved Joseph from the guiles of Egyptian priests and women,
at times guarding His heart, at times unlocking the seven doors;
With their lustful and sinister moves they couldn’t subjugate Him,
he proved to be an indomitable spirit, he was God’s saviour.

Vengeful Zolekha sent sinless Joseph to prison for many years.
Left alone, she reached the nadir of her sufferings and misery,
and endured thirty years of people’s curses and humiliation;
In Joseph’s separation she mourned, she wept, lost glamour and glory.

Distress and a thirty years of search transformed Zolekha and her Love,
from a seeker of carnal pleasure to a follower of supreme God;
She learnt the sacredness and sanctity of love, the loyalty and purity in love,
learnt their relevance to one’s worshipped and one’s adored.

She longed for that merciful God, whom Joseph worshipped,
before whom He wept, and not the cold, stony sculpture;
She felt the omnipresence of Joseph’s God, who is forgiving.
Ashamed, Zolekha wanted to purify herself before her creator.

Lo and behold! The arrogance and ignorance has been razed to the ground,
deep sense of mortification and sagacity is evident far and wide;
The Almighty’s mercy and attention is on his straggled servant,
the Second Lady of Egypt has now become the Governor’s wife.

Copyright ©️ DrNikhat Bano December 2020 All rights reserved

A Letter on a Silken Vellum

A letter on a silken vellum
that I once penned for you,
while sitting on my satiny sheet
recalling spells of your rosy hue.

It’s an apparitional presence in my home,
and not a figment of my imagination;
My love for you is etched on this vellum
our journey is a witness of a firm citation.

Scripting once on a sentient sheet
I saw you smiling at my glad tidings;
Your love surfaced on my rind sheath
stretching its hand to feel my being.

The love we both have shared
from a distance of many miles
needs no assurance of any kind,
see it all over wherever goes my mind.

When my honest confessions
and your reciprocals came vis-à-vis,
the storm inside my heart calmed down.
Then came to life a seemingly dead me.

Neither demeanour nor vicinity matters
when purity, piety pours in abundance;
My magical silken vellum has got it all, a pleader of years of our reluctance.

Heart-shaped vintage piece of parchment with a red rose on it. Valentines Day Card romantic love letter background isolated on white.

Copyright @ DrNikhat Bano October 29, 2020 All rights reserved
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A Brief Dalliance

Standing over a bridge of scented cedar
amidst sumptuous gold glazing all over,
I see brisk lives roving in a cerulean creek
under a luscious lemony green streak.

Looks like a playground of god-fearing hearts
on the sand whose glassy shadows are cast;
Like gazelles they jump ecstatically around
in essence, who are pure and profound.

Nature itself is a sundial of this buzzing land
and the wind’s symphony isn’t less than a chant;
It is far beyond a commoner’s imagination,
I swear, I saw on earth a heaven’s imitation.

A perfect meeting place for a body and soul
gratifying senses at every glance that fall;
Where creator himself sheltered his creations,
in God’s own land I’m invited in a celebration.

Copyright @ DrNikhat Bano October 18, 2020 All rights reserved
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A Glance Says All

Glowing as a lamp I saw a lone onlooker,

adorned with the flares of sun – one Gloria;

Unleashing a blaze of beauty around her,

lighted my heart’s patio with her wine aura.

Thousand arrows pierced through my heart

when I looked into the eyes of that shooter;

My life ceased to matter for me since then,

I’m moved by the finesse of my fair mimer.

Gleaming glory of that demure damsel

was accentuated by her decorous dealings;

After years I inferred that – ‘A glance says all.’

‘One’s savoir-faire reveals one’s placing.’

It was like watching her from a distant shore,

calmly sailing a canoe on the shiny ripples;

Until now, I’ve kept a storm in my fragile heart.

Never saw a peace dove in a land of ruffled souls.

Her hazel eyes were on me, her lips were sealed

it was our reticence that were in conversation;

A dialect that I spoke the very first and the last time.

All along it was neither a voiced nor a quiet session.

Copyright @ DrNikhat Bano May 2020 All rights reserved Image credit: Facebook

My Pliable Clay

A harmony of hues I see from my tent
in the far off land having infinite sphere;
There sparked the azure sky a thunderbolt
I hailed the holy attic from my mortal vault.

Ambient cosmic glaze has tinted everything
my humble abode and my mean belongings;
This place I call it – a home, it’s my nook
here peace is treasured as an heirloom.

From this toned canvas house of mine
I see ahead myriad mysteries of life;
It’s an institution of learning, a place to ponder
where one can disjoin creation and creator.

A balm to the soul is my canopy’s springtime
where I discern an ornate mode from a hermit’s life,
where spring flows through fields and caverns,
And fair sunshine falls on garnets and gravels.

My pliable heart is the king of this wilderness.
The undisputed king of this land, here it rules!
I swear, it’s a wicker work of my pliable clay
who alongwith simple joys has played its medley.

Copyright © DrNikhat Bano May 2020 All rights reserved

The Year Of Redeemer

Would love to wait for him on one odd New Year,
who’ll walk with us as a cherished redeemer;
To free us forever from a life of vice and vanity
Making us cosmic citizens of peace and dignity.

All year long in an erroneous war torn world,
I live restless in a house of shiny sand of gold;
Where demons dwell, roam free on this earth,
just to satiate thirst, for power, wealth and lust.

Hoping for a new dawn I often escape in space,
to get a glimpse of my Lord, to have some solace;
To know my people and to gauge their motives,
to know my world and its beauties and beasts.

They say these are the end times we’re living in,
where minor signs are leaving, major signs are nearing;
Prophecies of the doomsday are before our eyes,
when the wrongs are adored and evils are idolized.

The second coming of Messiah is on the way,
With God’s messenger the new year will be on that day;
Pious and impious will be gathered on that Day,
this is my God’s plan and will happen one day.

The Devil and the Guided-one will be the fighters,
and in that battle the persecutor will be the victor;
Then the redeemer (PBUH) wins with justice and truth,
will fill the hearts of disbelievers with mercy and ruth.

Copyright © December 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved

With You, Without You

Without crossing the groundsill,
without dropping the bounties,
standing in your roofless house,
my eyes are watching arid clouds.

The bloom of youth no longer blooms,
has lost fragrance in your absence;
With some hope still in my heart and
an eternal wait in fate, I’m in your land.

But surely, the wind is in my favour,
this sky with open arms harbours;
They never block my path leading to you
nor abandons me and my search for you.

A wait so primal but so pristine,
a longing so tiring still clinging;
In an endless procession of nothingness,
one’s absence becomes one’s presence.

Copyright © November 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reservedff

The Gossamer Gown Of Yours

It was the gossamer gown of yours
that led me to write myriad lores;
When I looked through your silken veil
saw a chuting prismatic fairy tale.

A trek leading to your crystal tiara,
I named it Eden after your crown’s flora;
Then I climbed up to your neat hair vine,
there I saw a beauty as a maiden bride.

For me, you’re a raw gem waiting for a tambourer,
who’ll do on you filigree with wires gold and silver;
For them you’re just a chunk of glass, but you’re
for me, a jewel in a gold foil to be worn by Kaiser.

All heavily appliqued and densely beaded work
in other’s fabric of life, won’t lessen your shine any;
If those are polished, rightly placed diamonds
you are a virgin beauty, for which, others envy.

Copyright © October 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved