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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

Some Why’s,Any Answers?

What makes people wean off each other?
What makes them stick too,i wonder!!!
Why some get along like fish in the water,?
Why few remain aloof like cheese and chalk.?
Is it need for company?or lack of it?
Do they sit only when idle or
They walk away due to lack of it?
Or is it the need to be accepted so strong,
That one can do even anything wrong!
Is acceptance by others is just a means,
That confirms our way we want to be seen!
Or sometimes we behave to follow just a norm
And go along well with people of any form.
Men like women, we all know very well
But is the beauty or brains all that sells?
We like to look at rich and poor divide,
Is it just because it separates us wide?

We love the new born and infants too ,so often,

Is it because their innocence make our heart soften
Or is it they are harmless and it is their helplessness ,
Which makes us feel so powerful and potent?

I also wonder why people part ways with me,?
Is it because I am rude or was I impatient with them!
Is it because that I have knowledge to flaunt?
Or is it that they find me emotionally too strong?
Do female folk often become wary of me,or
Just because their men may compare them with me?
Is it really my fault that I still dare to care
Whereas, no one has time to sit,love but they just stare!
I guess my impulsive nature too makes them leave,
I react too strong that makes them shudder and heave!
If I like someone I want their attention and time..
I do not want to ape just any and everyone to mime.
I keep wondering what makes some people to tick?
Where as others make you feel ill and sick??

On your birthday !

I did not deliver you,
I did not conceive..
I was a virgin then,
Yet I could feel your unborn beat.
Your kicks in the womb of your Mom,
Were felt by me in my ribs.
I wanted to feel your pulse ,
In my own heart beat.
When you were born,
And,I took you in my arms,
I felt the magic of motherhood,
and my dream life was complete.

Note-This poem I wrote for my niece.

Call of My Heart

My heart is calling out to you,
It is wilderness all around and the days just passing by,
It is me and me with your memories over powering my senses,
The hazy memories ,resounding discourses,
Courtesy my heart for all its sources..
I want just you or just the freedom,
Freedom from the worldly wise world,
And its daily expectations without knowing my needs.
How do I keep smiling when my heart bleeds,
How long and how do I keep pretending in my day by day deeds!

When I Found Myself

The splash of raindrops is playing the melody of you,
You fill the mind with fragrance, the body as well, you are the musk for me.
You live in every past and present moment;
You cool every mind scorching with the sun, You are my soothing shower of rain.
People live life in moments, weeks, months, years but,
I live my life counting every breath, you are my zest.
I was lost somewhere in my childhood, Years passed by, my existence was incomplete then.
Then one day having found you back I am alive once again.
I Lived to live, drank the life’s poison too, was never afraid of fear,
Now you are with me, away from the fear of dying, I am ready to die with all my desperation to live.
You are my shadow,you are real treasure Now I bloom eternally like a bloom,
After getting myself back, by adopting,everyone back, I chirp like a Nightingale.

The New Year for Me

I begin the onset of new year,
On a positive note and smiles,
With dreams in my heart and determined spirit.,
Lot of work has to be done.
To spread cheer all around,
Without compromising on my ideals,
A more aware and conscious world,
More compassion in heart and resolve in mind
Smiles and self dependence for you, my child.
To get the love of my life back,
Or, to find love in journey of my life.
More self dependence for me,
And more skills in hand to work.
More time for my friends those who need me,
And less intrusion or bothering,
About those who don’t care.
To have more self control and passion
So as to love and live my life.

The Flower in the Wilderness

The flower dancing with joy,
Though all alone in the wilderness.
All alone yet not lonely ,it smiles,
I watch from the distance,so as not to disturb,
Its silent musings.
Tall trees and the shrubs growing wild
Are nothing but nature’s child.
They thank their stars for going unnoticed,
And this floral child is the object of their fascination.
They gather around to save it from prying eyes,if any,
And the flower keeps dancing with joy till it does not wither.
I keep wondering,was the flower sad in its last moments,
But its laughter still echoing in wilderness
Tells me otherwise.

Winter past and the city

There is nip in the air,
Yet it is so hot,
Sweat running down the brow,
To enjoy the chill,
I want to do whatever i can.
I miss the chilly,foggy winters
Of my city,my beloved land.
The fog,the quilts,the steaming hot tea,
The flowers..the fragrant garden of mine,
My garden was my pride and neighbour’s envy,
No doubt,how I miss those days.
Now caught up in life of,
Tall apartments,and suffocated life,
No gardens,no open space,no peace.
No peace of mind,but so much quiet,
That even I don’t know,
Who lives next door.
If I die,no one will worry,
Will wait till my rotting stench,
Will bother them,
And then they will get me removed,
And their life will go on…

A companion called Shadow

I have been left by so many on the journey called life
But still I am never alone for the companion called shadow.
She is there since I was born and will be there till my soul leaves this garb.
She is beside me or by my side but always with me.
You may say how do I see her when it is totally dark!
Yes I agree I can not see but neither I see the Almighty!
But I trust God with everything I have or will have or won’t have…
Similarly I trust her My shadow whether seen or unseen.
My shadow doesn’t judge me ,It does not object or suggests,
It alters itself short or tall,visible or invisible,
Neither it rejects my thoughts nor it regrets.
Thankfully The ultimate Lord has blessed each one of Us with this forever companion,
Realize that no one is alone,We all have a companion forever
Our shadow is a blessing trust your instincts and travel .