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Canvas of life

On the infinite canvas paints the finger of life, the paintbrush of possibilities, the wielding of the world in the heavens, the pallet of colours, unlike any others, carefully, precisely, artistically, woven through time, through ages of weather worn, wonderful aeons, that groan and moan, under strains and stresses, birth pains, travails, is this the end? No! Birth pains are bringing forth life anew, a new beginning from the beautiful old, into something different, something fresh, something crisp and clean and dazzling bright, like the stars of heaven in the darkness of night.

Dystopian Days

A tale of dystopian living
Society divided, a rift
One side hating the other
While the anthem plays in shifts.

This cautionary tale of dystopia
This mask, distance, jab
One side against the other
While those in charge grab.

Are we asleep or awake now?
Are we living in meta, VR?
Are we okay with the reset?
Is one world order where we are?

Do you want a chip in your hand?
Is it just easier that way?
Will you give up your freedom for convenience?
Or will you kneel with me and pray?

Still Waters

Still waters,
Covering the floor,
Prayer is sharper than any sword,
All weapons are ineffective against the word of God,
Man made weapons,
Turned into plough shears,
Used for good instead of destroying,
Do mans efforts win wars?
No it’s the ways of the almighty,
All through prayer,
It’s the will of God,
The will of prayers,
The will, sheer will,
That triumphs!

Once upon a time

I found you again in an old,

faded photograph,

beneath dog eared corners was an image of you.

A black and white reminder of a handsome young soldier,

eyes tarnished and brown,

that I knew to be blue.

Stood straight as an arrow,

in smart uniform,

hands by your sides that once held mine.

I smiled through the tears,

through the heartache,

through the memories,

of our once upon a time.

By Melanie Woolner