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Professionally I am a life science researcher, trying to reveal biological truths. But poetry helps me to search my inner truth. I was introduced to poetry by my father who is a poet. I see poetry as a medium to express my emotions, imaginations and opinions

Last Resort

The “Lungs of the Earth” are burning 

Will continue to burn

Flames ripping through the trees

Engulfing divine souls

Smoke filled in the air

Darkness veiled the midday sky.

She is limping, her throat is hot

Her chest is choking 

Melting alone in the desolate path, 

Why are your eyes covered, hands tied?

This is your last resort 

If not today, tomorrow it will be your turn.


Truth: the most eternal thing,

why it is not evolving?

The most simple thing,

Why it is hidden in discrete facts?

The most beautiful thing,

Why it is not gratifying?

The most powerful thing, 

Why does n’t it succeed always?

The most genuine thing,

Why does n’t it embrace vulnerability?

The most capable thing, 

why does n’t it mitigate the miseries?

The greatest thing in the world,

Why it is always doubted?

Tell me the ultimate truth

Well, it is never told.

More Than A Wish

Once the house was filled with life and soul,

It was not merely a pile of bricks then,

This skeleton has lost its dreams and hopes,

Stolen by animosity, lust and greed.

Emotions entangled in the cobwebs,

Incessant miseries in the duskiness,

Maligned thoughts in the miasma,

Vanished the glory and anticipations.

Still each stone bears the fading handprints,

Wrapped in unison with love and care.

Echoes the untold grandma tales,

The rhymes of the broken lullabies.

Spare me from the race for a moment,

Let my soul soar over this garden,

Let me paddle through this courtyard,

All I want is to be among the reminiscence.


How will be the touch of GOD?

Warm like a geyser or frozen like a glacier?

Soft like a kiss or hard like a diamond?

Where will I get it?

At a shrine, a shop or a secret place?

What feel it will bestow on me?

Loved like a little one,

Rejoiced like a peacock seeing nimbus clouds,

Frightened like a necrophobic,

Or sheltered like in mother’s grasp?

Whose will be closer to ‘His’?

The stranger’s who rescued the drowned kid,

Or the friend’s who saved the drowning mate,

Or the mother’s who hugs and says,

“Don’t worry, I’m there with you”.

But I wish to hold ‘His’ hands too,

The quest took me over cities, forests, mountains and valleys.

A stranger or a friend or family always held my hand,

But not the ‘elite’ one.

Though the choice is wholly mine; whether to pursue,

Or to see the ‘assigned ones’ around…


A Reverie

Relishing the extravaganza of a siesta

I was cuddling under the cosy blanket

Suddenly the room was filled with chirrups

Joggling the calm air with jangly jingles


Couldn’t deem the crowning fiesta

With cherubs fluttering all around me

Naughty, chattery, ludic, little cute ones

Flapping on the fan, floor and furniture


Romping to the rhythm of a celesta

They got down pulling my mantle of dreams

Mocking, gagging, patting and tickling

Finally I opened my eyes into vacuum


The Sombre Horizon

Curved farther the terra firma, fondling the offing beneath,

Mystified among the azure sky and cerulean sea,

There she awaits placidly till the day pass over,

Shying from the gaze, pressing against the wind.

Drape herself in the shade of gamboge as his,

To embrace the glorious groom at the dusk,

Douching him to pacify the towering thirst,

Imbibing the inferno, smearing over her body.

Ceding the longings and love, she bids adieu to him,

Put the sombre gown, evading herself in the darkness.