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Night arrives in a funeral attire
mourning for an aborted day.
The anointing oil of last rites blinds my vision .
Rain is beating against my windows
not in a gentle patter,
but more like dozens of voices
howling with pain.
The white curtain ,
akin to a death shroud,
sways to the wind’s ordeal.
My mind , a ledger stone
is transported to a cliff-side.
A violent sea threatens me.
Waves retorts against rock walls
I slip into a muddy grass fall,
again and again and yet again –
a Sisyphus’s task perhaps!
I try to catch myself from falling into a

precipice of thoughts that refuse to leave!
Scores of reasoning ramble in my mind.

A little boy gets bullied to the point of suicide
for being a little too heavy.
He turns the green escarpment grey with his

fragmented breaths.
Being nauseous of the putrid stench of hatred
he yearns to disappear from a place
where hate drips from every eye.
He designs his own catafalque!

A divorcee is being bullied into chronic depression ,
labelled a slut because she
chose to remarry!
Now disowned by her kith and kin
she wanders like an unclaimed
blue suitcase lying forlorn
in the railway station.
The bitterness of being defamed

and the insulted disgrace of an enervated hope
to live with respect –
She kills herself in the palm of her hands!

A six year old gets raped
inside a menagerie for six days!
A solitary star ,

now crushed, crumpled, compressed.
An Astral portent
slices her life ruthlessly !
A truncated silence
yearns for a fleet of stars
to spark up her hostile sky.
She draws an albatross
with an obtuse pencil
on a crumpled paper –
broken wings , gasping to fly!

An old man burnt alive in the middle of the street

for the God he chose to (dis)obey.
While men watched in silence,
the flames pranced and leapt!
His grandson spots an albatross
over the sea-
folds his hands in prayers
“ please fly to the sky and ask my grandpa to come back’’.
Calm cacophony of cumbrous
tears creates a riot –
unsettled just like the child !

A woman in a rural village
tied to a Sakhua tree
stripped naked and beheaded
by her own brothers
because she fell in love with a man
who goes to a sanctum forbidden
to her religion.
Collapsing on the tarmac of her own shadow,
she, a marionette, breathes her last!

Men and women
and children dragged out of their homes
and shot on the streets
because someone on a high
decides to play god and annihilate
people that do not feed his needs!
Termite feasts on the exposed lesion of time!

I wonder if all of them had once wished to be an Albatross
and fly into the crocus sky
towards a harvested sun ,
fluttering in search of a safe place
like Odysseus !

But where is that safe place ?
Does it have room
to hold the girth of pain?

Mahua Sen

** Odysseus – King of Ithaca, one of the heroes of Iliad and protagonist of Odyssey who wanders for 10 years to get home after the Trojan war.

** Sisyphus – He was the king of Ephyra. Zeus punished him by forcing him to roll a huge boulder up a hill only for it to roll down every time it neared the top.