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Songster Of The Night

Street lights burn the dark with amber smoke rings
Slink-cats, pour through the night on tiptoed paws
Stale breath, breezes on take-away-wings and dips
Sauté of quick fix digestives, baled in indifference.

Stood alone, I face the moon, eyes, a trap unsprung
Silver-quick pace as my inner light, switches on
Set to sensitivity, floodlit, my tiny garden stadium
Shares secrets, hushed undertone, as winter rustles.

Soloist, high on the rooftop crags, sings to the sky
Silhouette, stark against the starstruck brightness
Strain, refrain, blackbird's repetition lightly lulls
Serenade for slumber and lilt of children's lullaby.

So, as frosted air begins to chill my ageing bones
Soft slippered feet and toes, to freeze and numb
Sounds of suburbs stumble in, unwanted stupor
Still he sounds the call, my songster of the night.