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Poet and jurist .

For a long lost friend

Yout heart nestling
Deep within, beneath
the deepest confines
Call it an artery
Or arota if you like
O that once beat
Skipping a beat or two
For my smile captivating
and now ! after ages have passed
as I reminisce, alone
-is all well with you
all these years
has it been nice to you
keeping you as stout, as hearty
-to greet me once again
With the same cheer
the same vigour
And at least ,to look upon me
with a kind smile
that comes from deep within
Your heart nestling
Yes,how have you been…

If there is a heartbeat

If there is a heartbeat
for you it beats ,
you are before my eyes
and when i’m away
i too , can see you
poem of love not this
a chant, a psalm maybe
you speak, my language
your gait, my true copy
I see myself in you ,a reflection
all that you rather be –
I know I can not be
yet, I shall feel as much
the same and even more
my heartbeat, my heartbeat
if there is a heartbeat …

A friend

If you are my friend
a rose bud unfolding
the keepsake of love
between petals umpteen
If you are my friend
Do I’ve to tell
what seeketh my mind
in the wee hours of night
to converge a day upcoming !
And do I have to tell
the real cause of my worry
a disdain for treachery
haunting ,in a world
too cruel for me

Do I’ve to show
my anguish engulfed
in foibles hidden ,
those thorns of roses
as masquerade only-
If you are my friend
would you rather be by my side
than settle for a seasonal glory,
the keepsake of love
between petals umpteen
between day and night
the wee hours converging
in a day,
a day of reckoning…

A giggle for all to hear

As the plants were springing to life
Happy with the soil and water
Savoring dewdrops of a moon drenched night
Yes, they were too happy deep within

Then came a day really awful
They were told their days were near
The land they held so dear, was up for sale
Their master too would move to a distant shore

Lights shall no more sparkle
Nor four seasons of Vivaldi play
Their master shall hardly ever care
Autumn leaves with loving touch

They were not plants for all you know
Each of them had assumed characters
Over time,in the company of their master
They too knew how to bear the brunt of nature

It was spring time once more
The same leaves came back in a flowery bunch
The new blossom had a giggle for all to hear
Winter can hardly faze nor perish summer…

Self proclaimed

Poets, we the poets
happy or unhappy
content or disgruntled
are we
with life, are we
poets, we the poets
trying to be or acclaimed already
are we
sad or mad, as you like it
poets , are we
our idiosyncrasies
poetic ego albeit

Soft as gel
with tears in eye
we cry, poets are we
Hard as nut
to critics
burning night oil
until we are blind
for a paradise lost
or as Shelly did write-
to be a nightingale
sitting in darkness
to cheer it’s own solitude
we the poets
are we…

Just like the wind

As the wind blows
knowing not where it goes
without a care
just letting loose
Doth it ever ask, where it may go
I too pray my lord
to float likewise
in heavens unknown
where they do not stop
the wind in it’s mighty march
and where I may meet
whosoever I like
without having to tell the world
just like the wind

Like the other day ,it hissed
in my ear that I am growing old-
a fear gripping me -of growing old ,
It could’ve blown away
without coming my way
but it obliged
long before it grew in rage
to turn into a hurricane
miles off me ,to return
with a gentle smile
I pray my lord to be like the wind
to warn and do my bit
again to be young, to return
just like the wind…

People Come and Go

People come and go

On earth  to heavens of hearsay

they say they cure,

in asylums of their making

I am told I shall be rewarded

for a hard day earned

yet I see before my own eyes

people in luxury cars

those who never sweated nor labored

only looted ,  inheritors of swindlers

I see before my own eyes

people  crowned as rulers

those deserving jail terms ,

those who never smoked

afflicted with cancer,confusing

confusing me further

O the ways of the world !

people ,  hale and hearty

those heartless and callous

and the sensitive souls damned

damned,  as jilted lovers

again people who swear by truth

eventually hanged for  standing by it

-people come and go ,lusting for more

as though they shall, shall live, forever…






if you like

My not so young husband
left home duty-bound
leaving me quite alone,
solitary lonesome

when nights were still
and bed half empty
in my dreams I dreamt
falling half asleep

I knew you had arrived
to be at my beck and call
to take me round the city
the park view and mall

O every now and then
croon of your voice husky
spilling unto my backseat
with an air musky

as I secretly admired
lining of your shiny beard
my eyes fixated on fingers
the firm clasp that steers

I felt like a queen
swept off my feet
as you sped your way
through crowded street

I know you are a hyphen
joining soul with my body,
yet how you trifle yourself
only for others to see

as on a reflex you stop
once again to begin ,
shall I be tamed so
even as taming !

as I beseech you , to see
glittering moon with it’s marvel
I realize it much later
it’s the pendant of your pectoral…

The night queen

In love with  the night queen
Thy smell so divine !
O lustrous leaves of the heavens,
How you fill the air
With smell of amour
How I give in to thy spell
My inner being quite taken
As I lay idle
Wrapped in the comforts
of quilts lazy-
Spurring a flurry of thoughts ,
O to be in love again !
With fragrance of jasmine ,
O did I say – night queen…

An object of desire

An object of desire ,
as if 
made for me
gods have together
made for me
lest I should lose interest
in worldly affairs ,
my predilections often being
my disposition mostly
after a golden deer
the Ramas , the Krishnas
sufficiently smitten
and beholden I
by lullaby of affection !
tales of Arabian nights these
thus holding 
rapt my attention –
an object of desire ! gods have made
together they have made
holding me
from wrecking, as if
further destruction…