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I am a Professional Feature writer/Creative Writer/Journalist/Blogger/Published International Author/Poet from the Philippines in Asia. I believe my mission here on earth is to contribute and touch lives through my pen pushing. There are more than 60 poetry anthologies which I am a part of together with my foreign fellow poets from all over which includes 2 worldwide charities, the prestigious World Record Holder for Most Artists Contributing To An Anthology, "Live Life: The Daydreamers Journal for the benefit of the American Cancer Society ( and "Song of Sahel" a global charity for the children of the Sahel region in Africa ( and other upcoming international anthologies. My first international poetry book "Seasons of Emotions" by Destiny to Write Publications, UK was released January 7, 2013. You can buy paperback copies at : My second book "Inner Reflections of The Muse" - a collection of poetry, prose, articles and quotes will also be published this 2013. I am also a Contributing Editor for the monthly online magazine "Inner Child The Magazine" ( and a Columnist for another online magazine,"Winning Strategies Magazine" ( and an Advisory Board Member of Reflection Magazine. I am a member of the American Authors Association (AAA) and PEN International. You can find my Goodreads Author Page at :

The Beauty of Solitude

Amidst the deafening world, the cosmic chaos,

Solitude provides an escape

Beyond the swirling madness

For in the blissful stillness

Of finding one’s true self

The wisdom of a thousand words abound.

There lies the exotic beauty like no other

When serenity penetrates

The inner recesses of your beautiful mind

When the answers to life’s questions

Finally dawns on your enlightened state

Aloneness creating your own utopia.

When one claims silence,

Embraces the Divine Core of his being

The day when he becomes the Master and Guru

Of his spiritual journey

Finding his Personal Legend

Like the mystical aura

In the throes of ecstasy.


I am not of this world and I am evolving

My soul is a spark in the Universe

Traveling in the speed of light years

As I am ahead of my time.

A zephyr bringing a gentle touch

Summoning lost souls to ignite

And light the amber

Rekindle the flame.

The enchanting echoes of the sea

Calling forth fairies from the other world

Sprinkling pixie dusts to an ailing humanity

Bringing hope to wandering hearts.

The zephyr that I am brushes your cheeks each time

Crooning sweet melodies, music that is so sublime

I am beyond your imagination taking you to oblivion.

Oppressed Souls

I stand on Mount Nebo as clouds gather around above,
In front of me lies this majestic, panoramic view
Biblical places of Jericho and Jerusalem
And immersed myself in a contemplative mood.

This mystic revelry brought me back,
To the time Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River
This Land of the Prophets where pilgrims often travel
In search for their lost souls, blessed by the spirit of the gods.

The arid, dry land now cries in deep agony,
Women and children and the weak in a miserable state
Where even water was denied to them by evil occupants
Bringing violence to a once peaceful birth land.

These walls built, witness to a thousand screams of protest and suffering,
From the hands of strangers who stripped them of their dignity
Prisoners captive in their own land, oppressed and enslaved by hunger,
With even the dry river beds they expressed no mercy.

“Give back Palestine to its people”, I can hear their pleas,
The Holy Land where many men walked and communed
Let them marvel again at its holy mountains and miraculous valleys,
Until freedom breathes calmness to their restless spirits.

The Transition

Long before my feet touched the soil I am in now,
I knew exactly what kind of footprints I will be leaving on Earth
I am but an old soul traveling back in time and ready to face the future,
A pilgrim on a wondrous voyage beyond time and space.

Mystics are my old friends from another life time
As my soul is in an enigmatic transition to some where not from this world,
Centuries passed and time eloped with each passing day
But still this countenance is the same as it was in yesteryears.

In my world, time transcends in every nano second,
I can see through my crystal ball, the Genesis of it all
How young the Earth was and how innocent the inhabitants are
Vast lands of lush greeneries used to abound,
The promise of a beautiful tomorrow is always at hand.

Alas! The Phantom appeared and cast a dark spell
The once Divine Garden of Eden was enveloped by Fear and Sin
Mother Earth wept and with each tear drop, flood swept the lands.

The Paradise of Man withered as the ground dried up
No sign of life, I opted to let my soul collide with the stars,
And find another Home, until I found Him, the Light
Taught me how to discover my Higher Self and be a guide
To others who are in the same darkness as I was where before.

The Transition-
I am no longer just an ordinary inhabitant of the Earth but a Defender of it,
As my spirit soars Higher in the Heavens, with Angels playing sweet music on their Golden Harps
With melodious voices permeating and lingering long after the heavenly rhythm halts,
I am no longer who I used to be for I became a soul with an Eternal Purpose pursuing my Ultimate Destiny.

Sacred Ones

The sands of time gently pulls me in your direction,
We are swirling among the infinite stars above
An invisible thread connects my soul to yours,
We often meet at the crossroads of our many lifetimes
Beyond time and space, serendipity weaves magic
Crafts a miraculous story to let our hearts unite again.

A hidden connection which is more powerful than an obvious one
We may be strangers centuries ago, star-crossed lovers in a forgotten era,
Reunited by the angels singing hymns of pure love and peace
Sacred ones with souls meant to be one, etched in the hands of the Universe,
I see your shadow in my dreams created by fragments of memories.

The Mystic Knight enveloped in white aura illuminating the night sky
A legion of cherubims and seraphims guides your every step,
As you enter the frontier of an oasis prepared for us by Eternity
Sacred ones destined to be together to be joined as one spark in our mystic flight,
Pure Divine Love transcends time and space and even defies death
To fulfill the Divine Reunion weaved by Destiny itself.

The Boy by the Waterfalls

I see you in one of my greatest dreamscapes,
Sitting on a huge rock facing the majestic waterfalls
As I emerge out of nowhere in a place called the Ruins,
Where an ancient, mystic castle used to stand tall
A witness to a great kingdom’s sweet downfall.

A river runs through the debris of this enchanting sanctuary,
Flowing from under a magical bridge where I am about to cross
And there came to view, a vivid and glimmering sight of you,
But I failed to see how you could have looked
For your back was facing me while you immersed in soulful serenity.
I missed to behold how your eyes could have stared beautifully at me
Or if you are lonely and needs someone to be just there to listen,
As tears flow down your cheeks looking for answers in beautiful solitude.

I was about to step on the rock you are sitting on to tap your back and say “Hi!”
But then you vanished into thin air and what was left was white smoke,
And the empty space you left- the same spot I sat on and delved into my own contemplation
Then a realization came upon me that you wanted me to carefully view the waterfalls you have laid your eyes on.
The waterfalls signifying the ebb and flow of life,
Things happen every now and then, constant changes inevitably take place
Every split second and in the mere blink of an eye,
But life continuously flows come what may
What matters is how we enjoy our journey,
And do not have regrets for what could have been, what might have been
But simply cherish how things used to be.

Moonlight Chaser

Immaculate white sphere from above
The Eternal Light illuminating the lonesome night
I pay homage to your Herculean beauty,
This madness for you cannot be equaled
A self-confessed selenophile from the very start,
Your grandeur has caught my delight.

The growling of wolves can be heard from a far
As this haunting night casts a spell,
Bewitching hour dawns at midnight
As the moonlight chaser’s shadow lurks from behind,
You can hear the sound of splashing waves
Reminiscent of the past love that shook your senses.

The moonlight chaser suddenly appeared from out of the blue
As the velvety moon changes its color to a different hue,
He danced with the white shadows enveloping his surroundings
While cherubs and seraphims played an acoustic music in the Heavens,
Waiting for his ladylove to manifest under the moonlit night
Wearing a peaceful countenance, knelt down and sang a soulful serenade.

The tide came rushing to the shoreline keeping his soul at bay
While the night clouds are caressing the Moon, his sultry voice permeates the air,
With the eerie wind chill, harps can be heard humming down the Earth
Time takes to a halt as Angels descend from above,
A blinding Light pierces the Sky with an Eternal Glow
And it came to pass the Ladylove of the Moonlight chaser arrived at the Predestined Time.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright July 15, 2017

The Weeping Desert

She is a lonely surfer
Scanning the vast sea of tangled mazes
Swirling hues enveloping her eccentric ego
Cast away from a faraway land from a long time ago.

As she wanders from island to island
The storms and turbulent waves provoking her
But these have never been a hindrance for her
To carry on and search for another lonely soul like her.

Until her board landed a deserted place
A lone island amidst the wilderness of her dreams
She stayed there for a while for something odd whispered in her ear she needs to
And then she heard an anguish coming from nowhere.

“Who are you who’s crying for I can hear your despair
I have come in search for you and my board took me here to you.” she said,
“Please let me see you, do not be afraid for I am a long lost friend.”
She waited for a reply and an apparition to come in front of her.

Suddenly a voice which sounded like it’s coming from the wind roared
“I am no one. I am the desert from which your feet have landed.” it said.
“A lonely island longing for someone to stay here with me for long and not ever leave me behind.”
The girl felt astonished, shocked and could not figure out how to embrace such a surprise.

“A desert feels lonesome too at times when only the scorching sun kisses me and no water is in sight.”
“Yes, I should have gotten used to it but everybody wants change sometimes in their lives.”
“I will bring you rains for the clouds have been my companion all my entire travel.” The girl replied.
The girl has finally found meaning in her life for what she been enlightened with through the lonely desert.

Even a desert weeps too at times
What you see as a strong person outside
Might be a shattered soul from the inside
Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely
For we can at times feel alone too in the company of others.

Elizabeth E. Castillo Philippines Copyright 2013

Poetic Soul

Yes, I am a poetic soul armed with words
Bleeding each time my muse internalizes emotions
Cuts deep when it pierces the hearts of many lost souls
How you touch my soul when you speak of my lamentations…
How you take me to the roads less travelled and make me want to reach the heavens…
I do it in style for words can either make or break
Can either sympathize with life’s triumph or antagonize further one’s suffering…
Yes, I am a poetic soul bleeding with rhyme
Or one steaming with free style with a cutting edge…
A poetic soul sharing the magnificence of God’s creations
God’s messenger of words, a Light guiding others’ path
How you change the lives of those who hunger for the Message
When soulful poets become the instrument of change
Through words skillfully woven, dreams can come true
The world can start anew!

The Beauty in Solitude

Sometimes a deafening silence can speak a thousand meanings
Rather than uttering senseless words covered with rage
Discovery of one’s self and of one’s real calling comes when you are in deep solitude
Modern lives envelope us with fast-paced and hurried day to day grind.

Not having enough precious time to stop and reflect on things that truly matter
There is beauty in solitude if we just get to realize how it is vital to truly listen to our hearts,
You can ponder on things out of being in solitude or solitary confinement.

It is in lovely solitude that you can ponder who you truly are
And what is your ultimate calling or mission in this world
Immerse yourself in deep solitude for silence should not be threatening at all,
Answers to questions which keep us wondering all this time can be found in sincere solitude.

Real solitude can be found within the silence of the deep recesses of our hearts
Thoughts that plague your mind consuming your soul,
Can be made calm in the beautiful tranquility of your being
So much can be discovered and unraveled
In the beauty of solitude.