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Mrs. Kusum Gandhi Vig is a Counseling Psychologist and holds her Masters and M Phil degree in Psychology, and has been working in the field of Education, Career Counseling and Mind Power Training for more than two decades. She is helping people worldwide to discover their inborn potential and personality traits with the help of Inborn Potential Assessment Test. She also conducts special workshops on how to unleash your subconscious mind to attract abundance and prosperity to life. Within the framework of her seminars, workshops and personal counseling sessions, she creates an environment where you can easily identify your dreams and aspirations and work towards manifesting them. Her primary tool to facilitate transformation utilizes the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming and other Laws of success; the tool that she likes to call the ‘SYNC THINK’ technique. She conducts career counseling sessions through video conferencing based on Biometric Aptitude test. Some of the topics covered under her seminars and workshops are as follows: Emotional Intelligence, High Performance Brains, The Science and Art of Happiness, New Age Parenting, Adolescent Issues, How to build effective Relationships. She discovered her passion for poetry during her soul searching experience and has contributed her inks in English and Hindi to some of the distinguished anthologies. Her published book on poetry “Celebrating life” can be downloaded and is also available world-wide at -vig/ celebrating-life.

O meadows of paradise!

O meadows of paradise!

I just like to gaze

At the bird of paradise

Stands out through shades of light

Boundless flights with wings of fire

Magnificent and splendid

Sun shines and smiles

Longing to unlock

A fleeting passion

Soaring high 

with Pulsating ecstasy

Gentle breeze stroking like quill  

Moistened by showers

And embraced by rays of sunbeams

Elongated petals enclosed by

 The brilliant florets of purple and orange

Humming the bright lyrics of blue

With sharp edges stooping and shooting

Reflecting the dawn and dusk of life

Delicate tendrils

Branching out

Emotions and feelings

I am awestruck and wonder

If this lasts till eternity

O The bird of paradise!



A Woman of Substance

She is a woman of substance

Out of her shell, with pride she swells

Do not judge her ever with her spell 

Feminine she is a delight to be with

she smiles and laughs, makes the hearts sing

Calm and composed, a mystery to be resolved

with her opinions, she also influences the core 

She moves like waves pulsating on the sea shore

A mother at home, in uniform she roars, the bravest soul

She creates and destroys when she stands tall and strong

So fragile, dainty, exquisite, goes beyond imaginations

She is the essence of life, roses, orchids and carnations

She carries in her heart a potpourri of emotions

Vivacious and sensuous with boundless energy 

she can move mountains brimming with synergy

Nothing can describe her as apt as these words

She is a woman of substance and not a woman of this world 

Once Again Humanity cries

Once again

 Humanity cries

Raped and slaughtered

Human rights

Stripped the dignity and the pride

The spirit dies

Heart bleeds

How scornful is the sight

Empty eyes look for a ray of light


Tonight may be filled with wrath

Fuelled with ignominy

Milestones dwindling

Hostility in the air

Breathing in distrust and anguish

Soul trembling in fear

Absolute abhorrence of things


Tomorrow I want to wake up

And reignite the lamp of humanity

To extend joy, peace and eternal love

Plant fresh saplings of reliance

In fathomless landscapes of faith

Resuscitate the dead spirits unflinchingly

With the wand of righteousness and be blessed!

Let Me Be a Light Unto Eternity



Let me be a light unto eternity

Like millions of diamonds

Radiance that permeates

Everything, everywhere

Light sees no barriers, no edges

No boundaries, no segregation

Sparkles through all people, all things

Light is the same for one and all, in unison

Reviving, rejuvenating, energizing, healing

Enlightening, awakening, enlivening the humanity

With exhilaration, exuberance, ebullience, exultation

Pristine golden ocean dissolving the bonds of the darkness

 Transmuted by the power of the flame, the rainbow of colors

Merging with the water, the rainfall, the stream, the river, the ocean

A stream of pure white brilliant light dispelling darkness with divinity



===Death ===

I meet my death

Not when my body is on funeral pyre

 I meet my death

When I lose my zest and fire


I meet my death

Not when I turn into ashes, buried and cremated 

But when I look behind, wailing minds

And cannot stand up for my rights 


I meet my death

Not when my mortal curtains are drawn

But when the distant eyes cannot see the dawn 


I meet my death

Not when I take leave and bid adieu

But when I am being mournful and tangled up in blue 


 Death is not sans body, mind and heart

Death is sans life, soul, conscience and 

I fall apart.


A Love beyond Love

A love beyond love, beyond life 

Strong sense of synchronicity, serendipity, sacredness

A feeling of eternal togetherness

Light encompasses

Like a mirror in your face

Ego fears annihilation

In the face of the divine

Twins ruminate

Toppled by the power of reunion

Soul meeting soul

In a celestial embrace 

Entwine in a cosmic connection

The ecstasy of spiritual oneness

Radiating divine love

Separate bodies, one mind

Two hearts, one spirit

ever parted but never lost

and so is your Twin Soul!


Celebrating Life


I asked life,

“Where have you been all this while?”

It said,

“I was celebrating

With you all the time

In this comic opera

Where celebrations

Were not

Exuberant and loud


Moments of quiet celebrations

That transcend

Your ability

 To find the purpose and meaning in your life.

You have known






To appreciate





And joy.

I danced with you

Every morning

When you

Found yourself

To be alive

In the carnival of your

Heart, mind and spirit

And we jive!”

I salute you ‘O’ Warrior!

I salute you ‘O’ Warrior!

For living the battle of cancer

Though stricken with affliction

Bruised and horrendous

You chose to be stronger

Spirits stupendous

Relentlessly, the battle you fought

Not once you wrought, in moments of naught


I salute to his kith -kin and angels,

Who kindle his spirits with splendor

He was never alone nor abandoned

When Prayers were answered

Every moment was a celebration

For the triumph of His creation


I salute you ‘O’ Warrior!

For invading the strife

Taking it in your stride, with all your might

Giving the dragon one hell of a fight

The battle of cancer

Gave you the focus, energy and awareness of your character

Standing tall with your saviors

You fought like a warrior

Armed with grit and fortitude

Subjugating the impregnable fortress

Of trials and tribulations, chemo and radiation

Displayed your metal, will and aspiration

The glorious power of the resurrection!

Please accept my standing ovation


This is a tribute to you

Must you know, I am proud of you

The clouds begin to part

Torrents of rain fall apart

And heralds the new dawn

How can we ever forget?

The battle of cancer

Brought us all together

Like glorious mounted lancers


I salute you ‘O’ Warrior!

For living the battle of cancer