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About Kenn Allan

Kenn Allan currently resides in the American Pacific Northwest with his wonderful wife/editor of thirty-something years, their resilient daughter, three precocious grandchildren, and an undisclosed number of cats.

The Keeper of the Cage

Dark clouds gather, tensions flowing,
Harbingers of chaos sowing,
Rumors tossed of dangers growing
Barely out of sight…

Out of nowhere, softly speaking,
Comes the Keeper, almost sneaking,
Warning all about the wreaking
Coming in the night…

“Let me share your pain, my friends,
Let me share your pain,
Join those gathered in my cage
Feasting on disdain.”

Thunder clapping, faces paling,
Monetary strongholds failing,
Voices joined in mournful wailing
Choking silent hymns…

Speaking louder, walking bolder,
Comes the Keeper wrapped in smolder,
Reassuring each beholder
As tomorrow dims…

“Let me fill your mind, my friends,
Let me fill your mind,
Once behind these sturdy bars,
Truths are left behind.”

Mass confusion, trust forsaken,
Few rewards for chances taken,
Faith and Golden Rules are shaken
From their rightful place…

Rising taller, sneering slightly,
Comes the Keeper burning brightly,
Features etched and grooved unsightly
On his fearsome face…

“Let me guide your fate, my friends,
Let me guide your fate,
Safety waits in my embrace
Just beyond my gate.”

All is peaceful, nothing stirring,
Fringe convictions now concurring,
Those within the cage preferring
Life to liberty…

On the outside, visage beaming,
Sits the Keeper, always scheming,
Locking out all things redeeming
When he turns his key…

“Thank you for your soul, my friends,
Thank you for your soul,
Trading freedom for your fear
Consummates my  goal!”


How often will I melt inside
Whenever you are near?
My senses tingle with delight
As hints of you appear;
I cannot help but contemplate
The years which lie ahead,
Or wonder if we shall endure
Once youthfulness has fled…


How many times will pride unfurl
And rage between our hearts?
Our love would dwindle unfulfilled
If one of us departs;
I promise not to walk away
When stormy clouds arise,
And listen for your gentle pleas
To see beyond my eyes…


How long did God embrace our souls
And mold them into one?
I sense a future in your touch
Which cannot be undone;
Within the passion of your kiss
I’ve known it would be you
To penetrate my virgin heart
And let my love shine through…



“It’s not your place to judge,” you preach,
“There’s nothing you can do—
So if you love me as you claim
You should accept it too.”

Your blind rejection of my words
Cuts through me like a knife…
“Don’t ask me, Dear, to look away
While you destroy your life.”

“I can handle it,” you laugh,
“Or stop at any time,
You are the only one I know
Who treats it like a crime.”

I can’t ignore the simple truth
Or put it on the shelf…
“Don’t ask me, Dear, to never hear
When you lie to yourself.”

“What can happen?” you reply,
“Your nagging is unreal!
I don’t know why you’re so upset—
It’s really no big deal.”

A gentle sob escapes my lips
In lieu of a goodbye…
“Don’t ask me, Dear, to stick around
Until the day you die.”

Chicken Hearts

In tepid brooders long ago,
They met as pristine chicks—
Lucetta, a Rhode Island Red,
Camille, a hybrid mix.

Their differences were cast aside
And friendship came to dwell—
It was as if before they hatched
They’d shared a single shell.

Throughout their awkward fledgling years
The bond between them grew;
Forsaking all who would divide,
They formed a flock of two.

At last the age of nesting came—
They settled in to lay
And screeched aloud their egging song
To keep raccoons away:

“Whither thou layest, I will lay,
 May all our eggs be blessed,
And of the feathers I collect,
 With thine I’ll line my nest.”

One dreadful day Lucetta gazed
Forlorn between her hips,
The anguish clear upon her face
Despite her lack of lips.

“Woe unto me!” came her lament,
“No eggs can I provide!
And older hens who can’t produce,
 Are fricasseed or fried!

“I’ll never peck or scratch again
 Or ever cross the road;
Oh! where within me lies the strength,
 To bear this heavy load?”

Camille heard poor Lucetta’s sobs
And hurried to her side;
She gathered her beneath a wing
But found too much to hide.

“I’ll find a way, my sister dear,
 To cure this twist of fate—
I shan’t allow a friend of mine,
 To sizzle on a plate.

“This crisis o’er thy empty nest
 Has caught us unprepared,
But I thee pledge to never roost
 Until thy life is spared.”

Camille engaged her tiny brain
For schemes she might impart,
But finding nothing useful there
She searched within her heart.

In selfless love she hatched a plan
To solve their desperate plight—
She’d lay Lucetta’s eggs by day
And lay her own by night.

She sacrificed the life she had
To quell Lucetta’s fears,
Hence both survived ‘till ninety-five…
That is, in poultry years.

With squawks and clucks their legend grew,
Retold with fervent zeal,
And o’er the years no hen forgot
Lucetta and Camille.

And every morn the roosters crow
Their tribute without end:

“No greater love hath hens than this—
 To lay one for a friend.”

Everything I Wanted

I sit in quiet reflection
With a cup of Christmas tea
Remembering the gifts received
From my dear family.

My grandkids gave unbridled zeal
Wrapped tight in peals of glee,
My daughters graced me with respect
Which meant the world to me.

My wife bequeathed her precious love
For all eternity,
And Jesus gave an inner peace
Which blessed the former three.

The Other Day

I met a Prince the other day
Distraught about his worth―

“Each passing hour I work to stay
The richest man on earth;
If I should pause for pointless play
I’d lose my golden key!”

I took my leave and walked away,
Relieved he wasn’t me.

I found a Friend the other day
Whose heart was blanched from fear―

“How can this world of grim decay
Spin for another year?
My eyes are filled with murky gray
And see impending doom!”

I turned around to lead the way
But lost him in the gloom.

I saw a Seer the other day
Who claimed to know my fate―

“Alone, you’re sure to go astray
Unless I steer you straight;
The stars and planets show the way
To arcane truth galore!”

I shook my head and walked away,
No wiser than before.

I heard a Fool the other day
Who slurred a ragged tune―

“If I should sober up someday
It would be far too soon;
My spirit is too strong to sway
Without the aid of grog!”

I shook him off and walked away
And left him cloaked in fog.

I walked with Jesus Christ today
And asked what lie ahead―

“About tomorrow, don’t dismay;
Live for today instead!
Inventing debts you cannot pay
Will cause your light to dim.”

I took His hand and vowed to stay
And spend my days with Him.

I Know That You Were There

(Newtown, Connecticut- December 14, 2012)

You saw the darkness of his heart
And shed an anguished tear,
But you bestowed free will on men
And could not interfere;

You knew that you would share the blame
For those you could not spare,
But when they cry out, “Where was God?”

…I know that you were there.

With one foot firm in heaven
And the other here on earth,
You welcomed every precious child
Upon their new rebirth;

You wiped the torment from their eyes
And smoothed their tousled hair,
Then gathered each in your embrace…

…I’m glad that you were there.

You came again to earth that night
And stood out in the rain
To search for those about to drown
In pools of swirling pain;

But only time can mend a heart
Destroyed beyond compare,
While you stand weeping at their side…

…I know that you’re still there.


Where have all the faithful gone?
I miss their zealous spark;
I fear their Lord came in the night
And left me in the Dark.

I oft perceived the Light in me
And strove to leave my mark,
But all my efforts seemed in vain
And only fed the Dark.

If I could live my life again
On new paths I’d embark—
But now I’ll contemplate my fate
While weeping in the Dark.

December Nights

Creation shivers in the cold
And whispers of a love foretold
Too pure for mortals to behold

Each dancing flake and evergreen
Adds blessings to the precious scene
Which keep me joyful and serene

No earthly opus can compare
With swirling strains of gentle prayer
Angelic voices in the air

No bitter winds or frigid talk
Or fleeting souls that pause to mock
Disturb my tranquil inner walk

When blots of fear or dread are rife,
Gifts are exchanged to quell the strife―
I give Him faith, He gives me life
By choice…

Long after winter snows depart,
A peace remains within my heart
Adorned in tidings to impart―