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About Kavitha Rani

Hi Friends I am an Assistant Professor in English, working in V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu.India. Our institution is working on the mission of empowering rural womenfolk and I am proud to be a part of it. I have recently started writing poems. Thanks to the genuine souls who encourage me on this road.Basically I would like to be perceived as a simple person who lives at the mercy of God.


Arjuna filled with acute depression
Warped into absolute helplessness.
Pain of inability pouring down
As drops of tears flowing as a river.

“Am I to fight against my own kith and kin
My gurus my guides my grand uncles?
I shall indeed prefer to be slaughtered
Unarmed, unresisting, and assaulted.”

Smitten by grief and sorrow
Partha kept aside his bow and arrow.
Sat down in the chariot with shattered hope.
Shamefully drinking this unmanly dope.

Krishna said, the self never slays nor it is stained .
It was never born will never die
One who think it does is mere ignorant and vain.
Besides, stepping out of war causes ruthless pain.

He has to get up and fight it out
Without like or dislike; Profit or loss
Eating out all the twins alike
Following the path of selfless action
Shielding him from its reaction.

Partha stood upright, Keeping his bow and arrow tight
Set out to merciless killing..
Killing his own people killing his dear and near ones…
Merciless killing and slaying your “self”
May not be possible for the fragile, in least case
Be prepared, at least to kill your ego shell.

(This poem is based on the first chapter of Geeta-the holy scripture of Hindus-from the epic Mahabharat) The fight that is portrayed here is the internal combat between the divine and the demoniacal powers of our mind. The entire battle between Pandavas(good) and kauravas(evil) is symbolic in nature. Each character is a personification of a virtue or a vice. Krishna is the Sathguru who preaches his disciple Partha(otherwise known as Arjuna) to kill the Kauravas who represent demoniacal powers like lust , passion greed and so on. He has to overcome the twins of life and progress spiritually. God is the only truth and this can be perceived only by absolute surrender and love towards God. All other attachments are to be eliminated mercilessly.Kurukshetra is the battle field, our body,not a geological space as it is commonly assumed to be)

Matter of Heart

For ages
we have been preserving
a pent-up love,
in its primitive poise.
Used to meet each other
in a desolate
Wilderness in its
Sweetened solitude.
Spoke nothing
Silently cherishing
Each other’s presence.
His eyes were hurling
endless ripples of mating calls,
unleashing a devilish craving
for my fragile core.
A surge of sweetness
Flown in my vein
causing me a cute pain.
After each birth
He comes to me
in the prime of our youth.
With his piercing
sword of silence.
to carve the nuances of an
eternal love in its
enlightened form.
I like his mere presence
gazing me from a distance.
For ages we have been beseeching
to each other not to verbalize
this constrained love…
We won’t..
We know, when we do…
that will be the end of
this infinite tale of love.

An Alpha Male on the National Highway

Each day crowd passed in wheelers of all kinds,
with little patience for
the pedestrians walking with busy minds;
Children were thrown into the school bus
by parents after making a lot of fuss,
A college guy preened his hair five times
to disperse his brimming youth
while throwing stealthy glances ten times
to the lonely girl walking from a mile;
Speakers loudly proclaiming the people’s welfare,
Silently hints at the political warfare.
There was a religious procession that raised
aiming at Selling books,photos,and DVD’s at low price.
My house being very close to the highways,
Makes me also merge with the nation’s mainstream.
Amidst the busy buzzing of vehicles
Spotted, an alpha male on the national highway.
He was a loner creature
untouched by all these worldly rapture
Sitting with no promising future.
He was neither attracted nor repulsed
Whatever happens around his side.
I developed a monster like desire to stir in him a tide.
determined to pass him with a purpose,
to make sure if he is slightly depressed.
He is neither stimulated nor concerned
Simply reciprocated my spooky stare unmoved.
There is no single trace of any feelings
neither pleasant nor detriment.
He was calm and collected in his best attainment.
One question troubled my mind
Why people call him insane
When he posses the awesome traits of an alpha man?
May be his crazy attire would have forced people
to pass this ruthless satire.