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Forever Chasing Wind

Yesterday’s past,’
fell fast from heaven’s high place,
coz on earth was this girl,
with a glowing golden face

I jumped strongly outta hell
coz on earth i heard a virgin
singing softly than a mass bell

i swim across the oceans with my fellow Rich
for we heard she’s in the other shore on the

maybe i’ll wobble across the desert,
for i dreamt she loves oases,
so it’s for her that across these sandstorms i’ll

‘Tomorrow’s future,’
I think i’ll find myself climbing the Himalayas
for i heard she is fond
upon mountains to light fires,

‘Or forever,’
i’ll be as a man chasing wind,
or like a child trying to grasp water
ooh!i pray not…
dear fate,let me and her tie the knot

Too Late ?

Panting pathetically,
gasping gnashingly for gushing air rays,

the undulating underways,
and rough roads rhyming demonically,!

ooh!my meager mirage dreams,
so they were disillusioning dreams,
all gone up in wishful whims,

Already too late to try,
goals goatily dodged my hopeless cry,

Too late?
Thats a lie dear mate,

My authority I did ply,
Over the ornamental sky,
And miniature mountains,
Bound only by motherly pains,

And my voice broke forth with love,
Peacefully like my most white dove,
To your yearning young heart,

soothingly saying to you,
You are not too late,
Another chance for you to win again,


A daily occurence
dreaming you,

always in suspense,
caused by you,

telling me my feeling is nonsense,
especially to you,

I am looking for gold and frankincense,
to present them you,

I’ll present them to you in humble
to this obsessive feeling caused by you,

and you’ll put an end to this daily
in my heart,
obviously it’s up to you.

Love’s strong

I extinguished their words,
they watched agape as she sang ‘I do!’

I broke protocol,
and kissed lovingly at public,

for the first time disobeyed her conservative parents,
and eloped with me to where people are with foreign accents,

I was forced to compromise diversity,
and dated across my tribe,

she just had to smile,
and love back when i did.

i fell for her,
regardless of her dark past,

now I breath her every second,
and protect her like the pupil in my eye,

no much explanation for this,
only that love is strong.

Daily Killing

Daily killing me,
everyday stealing my heart away,
I’m at your mercy each second.

your great grace making me breathless baby,
your smile stopping my heated heart beat,
your nugging knocking down my puffy pride,
your smell stealthily numbing nerves in me,
you really are a catchy killer,

yea, you sweetheart strengthening me,
daily dusting away my weaknesses,
as you go on killing me daily.!

Not without you

my past will crush me down,
i’ll forever moan on my own,
i’ll be comforted by none,
i literally cannot,
live on without you.

i can crush my addictions,
change our problems into past fictions,
doubts can never be life’s restrictions,
failure will be the least option,
in one amazing revolution,
all these can be true,
but not without you.

I’ll successfully avoid the drinking spree,
and behold life’s challenges with glee,
i can win till the world come to see,
that our relationship is a bliss..
all this is real,
but not without you.

for you’re more than all the world’s cents,
you are the medal eminent,
that keeps me running with renewed
my nothingness minus you is clearly
so don’t let me go on,
coz life won’t be the simplest tone,
not without you!..

Ride on love

As I approach My love,
though I ain’t a Millionare,
and other tough ones at you they glare,
let me ride on love.

not on a fine face,
coz her appearance is an ace,
compared to mine cursed menace,
let me ride on love.
not on clothing,
for when placed besides her golden linen,
mine are common silveries.
so let me ride on love.

and on money?
No!for on the way,
money may fancy,
some tacky girl,
then it will be no more.
so just let me ride on love.

so let me ride on love,
only love can be equal among hearts,
only it can ooze from our words,
as much as in our deeds,
without any of us being hurt.!
so as I approach My love,
let me ride on love.