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About Jan P

I was born and raised and still live in the great state of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. I live in Oklahoma City and have lived her for over 40 years. Came from a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm as my daddy was a sharecropper. I worked for the Department of Defense for over 30 years. I am now retired and trying to catch up on all the things I didn't get to do when I worked. I have written poetry for many years, but only recently started writing more since I have found a place where others can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.


When I was just a kid

Oh, the colorful eggs we hid

We played all day

It was always a fun way

Then we would eat our lunch

Sometimes it was brunch

Then off to play some more

Until it became a bore

When the evening drew near

Story time was here

Everyone had a story to tell

And it was really swell

When the evening was almost done

I always wanted to hear a special one

I wanted to hear the greatest story ever told

About Jesus and the way he was sold

How He died on the cross

And it was a great loss

But then He came back again

And once more walked among men

How He said he would return once more

He would come to open the door

We would be swept up

There would be no mix up

Believers would go to be with Him

For those who did not it would be grim

What a day that will be

When Him we get to see.

As a Woman


I want people to see beauty in me

Not physically you see

But the beauty of GOD in me

I want to be a teacher

Not in a classroom would I be

I would be teaching God’s word on bended knee

I would like to be of service

In any way that I can

To each and every one who is in GOD’S plan

I want to be a nurse

Maybe not in the usual way

But for the sick in spirit or have feet of clay

I would like to bring hope

To those who have lost it all

And watch as GOD brings down that wall

That GOD would lead me to anyone

That they would gladly accept

A ray of sunshine from my smile as together we wept




Falling Apart

This old house is falling apart

Or maybe it’s just my heart

God knows all about it

One day it may quit

Only God knows what I’m going through

Know one else has a clue

Even if they knew

Neither would they know what to do

If I had some really strong glue

Maybe I wouldn’t stew

I would know just what to do

Maybe then I could make it new

In a broken place like this

There is a lot of things you miss

There is nothing called bliss

And you never get a kiss

The house is so broken

Everyone just makes fun

Nothing can be done

No not by any one

Sometimes that’s the way I feel

That’s when I sit and kneel

I know that feeling will go away

And I will be the same as before someday.

Politically Incorrect

Do you want to be politically correct
And be one of the sect?
Or do you want to say what you mean
And stand up and be seen?

Being politically incorrect
If you only bothered to check
Means you say something others don’t like
Just tell them to go take a hike

Politicians get carried away
Telling you they will do things your way
All in an effort to be elected
And turn out not to be selected.

I have tried my best
To think like the rest
But their thoughts are not mine
Seems to me they have no spine.

Used to be the majority ruled
Now it’s just a few of the fooled
Then we are forced to live with that
Turns out they are just a brat.

I like to say what I mean
And show a little spleen
So people won’t doubt
What I’m all about.

I’ll leave it in God’s hands
Because I know where He stands
He’s always right
Soon He will be back with all His might.
I can hardly wait. Can You?

Don’t Cry For Me

Considering living and dying

I know there will be some crying,

But just not for me

Just for yourself you see.

Living your life on earth

Begins with your birth,

Sometimes you are full of mirth

And sometimes you show your worth.

Living your life with Jesus by your side

Means life can be a long or short ride,

Mine was shorter that it should have been,

But in the end I did win.

When you take Jesus as your savior

It ensures He opens the door

For you to go to Heaven

And stay there ever more.

So just don’t cry for me

Cause Jesus paid my fee

Now I’m up in Heaven

I had to go when He beckoned.

I’ll see you someday once again

Just not sure exactly when.

I’m here doing really good

I would show you if I could.

So don’t cry for me.

Author’s footnote : This poem is dedicated to the life and memory of Diane Taylor

Master of My Fate

God is the master of my fate

He gave His only Son

So I could enter Heaven’s gate

I’ll see Jesus face to face

And thank Him personally

For His grace.

Nothing special about me

I’m just a common person

As everyone can see

Jesus is so real

His wonder I can feel

My fate is in His hands

Without Him I would be lost

So I’m one of His biggest fans

We get on well together

We are connected

With faith as a tether

With the master of my fate

I know for a fact

That I will not be late

No matter how long a time

It will be wonderful and great

A lot of my time on earth I spend

In conversation praying

To my God, my friend

What a God I serve

I sure have some nerve

For Him I don’t deserve

On The Back Porch

Out on the back porch
Just talkin to God
That’s what I do
In the middle
Of the night
When everythings quiet
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

Now God, I know
I’m not always good
But I want YOU to know
I know I’ve been understood
Your SON Jesus
Oh what a man
As we walk together He holds my hand
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

He’s patient
And loyal to you
He understands me
If He didn’t
Don’t know what I’d do
I’d be in a pickle
That’s for sure
I’m on the back porch
Just talkin to God

Lord, I just want you to know
How grateful I am
To be here for the show!
It looks like somebody
Went out of there way
To sprinkle sparkle dust
All over the sky.

Just talkin to God it’s why
I can face tomorrow
How lucky am I
I don’t have to be rich
Just talkin to God
It’s my pleasure to see
How much He tolerates me
Father I don’t want to take up too
Much of your time
But you know how much
This means to me
Sittin on the back porch
Just talkin to you.

I may not pray just
Like everybody else
But Lord you know I am sincere
I want to ask that you
Keep this country
In the palm of your hand
And God help the politicians
To understand we don’t want
A lot you see, just leave us be

Okay, I’ve whined enough for now
Be talkin to you
out on the back porch soon


If is such a little word
Its used so very much
So many things it’s used for
You have heard it many times as such.

If you knew then what you know now
Would you really change things
Even if you could
You may not want to know what the changes brings.

If you ask Jesus to save you
Do you really believe He would?
And would you understand
If it changed you for the good?

What would you do
If you had a million bucks
Would you spend it right away
Or just set back and say “aw shucks”.

Could you really change things
If you had a chance
Or would you leave them as they are
If they played one more dance.

Would you decide to live or die
If you had the choice to make
Or would you just leave things as they are
And leave it to chance to take.

If all the ifs in all the world
Were changed to what they were before
Would it affect your life
What would you do if it opened a new door.


I’m getting a little tired of the world as it is today
I’m ready for Jesus to come back and run things His way.
I know it will be so much better than it is now
The reason I know is He gave us His vow.

I know He will come back when His time is right
But I am impatient to see Him, maybe tonight?
No one knows exactly when that will be
But the sooner the better is the way for me.

God has given us some good blessings
Until He returns bringing us our wings.
Things of this world don’t mean much to me
I can take it or leave it as far as I can see

All I really want to be is the humble servant
Of the one who cares so much for me.
No one loves me like He does
To give their only child for me.

Sometimes I set and ponder the universe
And all the ways it works and what I see.
Some people say that I am sweet but I’m not
Its just God’s humble servant working in me.

So I’m trying to set things right
Just in case He comes tonight.
My life is not important to me
Unless He’s in it you see.

So be prepared just in case
You get to see His smiling face.
Don’t wait to late to make it right
So you can got with Him if He comes tonight.


I pray for all my loved ones that are living today
It’s a shame some things we live with have to be that way
Thank the Lord He goes though them with us
We couldn’t live without him being beside us.

There are so many diseases around for us to suffer
I am so glad we have Jesus for our buffer
If it wasn’t for God’s good grace
Some things we wouldn’t be able to face.

I ask Him to come real soon
I’m tired of dancing to someone else’s tune
His timing is not the same as mine
Of course that is by design.

There is so much suffering today
I’m not sure just what to say
What can we do to change things?
Ask for blessings on angels wings.

Sometimes our loved ones are here today
Then suddenly they are gone away
They didn’t want to go
But I’m sure they didn’t know

How much those who were left alone
Were left hurting to the bone
That our hearts for them would bleed
And no one else but God could feel our need.

The hurt will someday fade
But just look at the price we paid
Oh, God please heal our pain
And help us to once again be sane.