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Sartorial Choice

I smiled, she smiled

We knew what the meaningful smile meant.

Spotting a friend, I waved my arms wild

Soon, would begin another descent?

The friend waved, just walked on

with her bags; soon she was gone.

The stranger and I continued to view

the dazzling beauty in cerulean-blue.

I smiled, she smiled

The smile well-meant!

“You may have it” she flitted away

reminding me of a blue jay.

No longer did the magnificent saree

interest me; it’d be better upon a retiree!

I turned around, did I hear the saree cry

out aloud, let out a sigh

‘Oh, you women?’

Monkey Business

Forced abortion occurs, infanticide too…

Hits the abdomen of the impregnated

Such a callous attitude so hard to chew

With the deposed, the lady had mated

Superiority exercised this way

Genus of all women muted, ill-fated?

Endemic to some regions, they cannot splay

Instinct to survive has left them demented!

Deposing rivals, new males kill by the day

Food shortage caused by forests has fragmented

To avoid inbreeding, they live in such groups

Golden Langurs slowly among endangered

While travelling perish in electric loops

Displacement has reduced them to weary-troops…

(After reading an article some time back about inbreeding creeping into rare monkeys in fragmented habitats…my thoughts raced to Asia’s widening gender ratios…)


Whitewashing fences and homes

Choosing natural fibres over synthetics

Deploying the right techniques

For chalk paint, oil paint and other

Smoothening the imperfections

Camouflaging the blemishes

Hard and soft brushes swishing dexterously

moving up, down and sideways

some gentle movements, some sweeping

dexterously, diligently and

finally, the roller offers the starlight

The building is all new again

Beneath it all – flaws hidden…

Fleeting Changes

At 11am

Cherry blossoms dance gaily in the breeze,

Gentle at first, the breeze whistles faster

Caught unawares, petals drop beneath the trees 

Natural occurrence, not disaster!

At 2pm

Noise of the television drowned by hail

As people on screen stand up to applause

Sudden spring gale passing over the vale

Took me awhile to make out what it was.

At 7pm

The setting sun peeps out with brilliance

Akin to the rainbow after the gloom

Life has to go on with resilience

Beyond the curtained room, flowers wait to bloom…

Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing a villanelle is challenging!

How I long to pen verses that are terse,

Form poems are unnervingly baffling

Reading information that’s mind boggling,

Feeling helpless and lost – is it a curse?

Writing a villanelle is challenging!

With Plath in hand, my mind is still fleeting,

Continue to read, for better or worse,

Form poems are unnervingly baffling.

‘Thunderbird,’ ‘Hell’s Fires.’ prove scaffolding.

Jottings fill mind-Can I start in reverse?

Writing a villanelle is challenging.

Mind keeps pace with racehorses galloping,

Past hill and dale it began traversing,

Form poems are unnervingly baffling.

Words appear in mind’s eye-encouraging!

Glad I did not think of abandoning,

Writing a villanelle is challenging,

Form poems are unnervingly baffling.