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The Winter Of Our Discontent

tumblr_n3h8jm1UZH1rqggyqo1_500After the sun has gone to bed
Fiery orange sleepyhead
Darkness falls over the frozen landscape
covered in natures blanket
Tucked in tight
Weeping pines come out to dance
dressed for winters ball in gowns of
brilliant white
Draped in glittering jewels
shining under the light of a silvery moon
Branches sway to the music of the
relentless wind
The dance goes on and on
Well after the appropriate hour
We long for that eventual dawn
when the trees disrobe
Naked in their modesty
Arms, needy, as they reach for the warmth
of a springtime sun
Emerging, blossoming
A new dance has begun


How far is now?
How far is it?
Wheels turning
on an endless road to nowhere
Wavy blacktop meets the stars
Silent strangers
embracing in the barren darkness
in each others presence
knowing what the other is thinking
without saying a word

I drive among miles of jagged land
rough and uneven
curved as a new moon
Indecision plagues my every thought
my every breath
on dust from the dirt roads I have taken
Lost and crawling
through a desert of nothingness
Poison in my veins
Praying for a mirage
of salvation

How soon?
How soon is now?
The world is surreal and blurred
My eyes tired and sore
Upon miles
play me like a favorite song
Over and over
Each time better than the last
Taken by the chorus, grabbed by the hook
Making love to the melody
I, in my dreamlike state
make my way

Perfect Storm

In charcoal darkness
the wind howls
without warning
lashes out
She hides behind the waves
breaking on the beach
numb as a rock
cold as a stone
Her castle of sand crumbles
piece by piece
grain by grain
Salty tears of yesterday
by the incoming tide
Pieces of seashells
wash up on the shore
like broken souls
waiting for the coming dawn
Mornings marmalade sky
A lovers burning blush
Shining down on a sea of glass
All is calm
The storm has passedsand_sea_sky_storm_stormy_sunlight_sunset_waves_zeusbox_d152011-1920x1200

A Winter’s Love Affair

Shrouded in silence
Hidden behind
thin drapes of midnight clouds
Lost in the low light of night
She shines like the stars
Scarf as red as strawberries in summer
Swallowed in her coat
Unforgiving wind holds her in its icy arms
Kisses her breath
lost on wanting lips
lost in wanting eyes
The night is a memory of love
Love bloomed in winter
only to be dead by spring
Angel’s wings
silhouetted in the snow
Unlike a memory
they never faded
Etched like ice
on the heart
of glassimages (2)

A Beautiful Mind

Sitting silently
What do you see?
Flowers of blue? Veil of white?
A childhood memory

Do you see sorrow?
Through knowing eyes
Your beautiful smile
A minds goodbye

Do you feel like Alice
in a Wonderland?
Searching for all
that you don’t understand?

Where do you go
when you disappear?
Peaceful places, secret gardens
Worlds without fear?

Are you at peace
Content in your being?
Listening to the birds
cheerfully singing

Silent as a breath
Delicate as the dew
Oh, please speak
That is all we can ask of you

We know what you would say
in your wise way
“Do not blame yourselves or me,
Love me for who I am and who I
used to be…”

Dedicated to a family member with Alzheimers <3


It is
my refuge
a place
so inviting
filled with scents
lavender and lotions
strip off the day
dip a pink painted toe
to test the waters
enveloped in warmth
like a mothers hug
eyes closed
imagining I am far away
floating in turquoise seas
hot sun beating down
only the frost lacing the windowpane
knows my true location
I write your name in the steam
and smile
Ideas flow through me
drunk with possibilities
though not a drop
has touched my ruby red lips
kicking playfully
like a child in a puddle
Hemingway lies unopened
He too content to just be
for now