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Farah Siddiqui Matin, a Ph.D from the university of Allahabad is a poetess of her own choice. She is born and brought up in Allahabad and currently residing in Ireland with her Scientist hubby Shafique Matin. She started composing poems from January 2014 and published her first book “The Bliss of Solitude” in May 2014(a collection of 50 poems). Second Book “Like I Born in Venus” was inaugurated in 2015 that has 70 poems, beside this she has 15 anthologies and numerous poems in International and National offlne/online magazine. She has been also awarded “The Best Poetess Debut Award” in 2015. She has also nominated and honoured among 100 famous women in Jaipur, India 2016. She has also interviewed in national television in India. Farah has got published her poems in the very famous International American Magazine “Life and Legends” and famous French magazine “Levure Litteraire” in 2015.

Do Not Crush Me


Oh’ brother! Just give me the word of honor
That you’ll protect me against evil performer
The World is now full of chaos and gloominess
I get unnerve when I amble in darkness.
The fear to get trapped consistently stay in my despair heart
The terror to get crushed ruined me and reprimands.
It tortured me immensely and torments my soul
As if I am a puppet and don’t have any role.
Offender pulverize my identity.
Tell them that’s no heroism, but timidity.
Oh’ God! You made both to sail in one ship
You made Woman from Man’s own rib.
Oh’ brother ! then why is there such disdain?
Why we are treated thus by Miscreant?
Oh’ Society! Hang your head in shame.
For you have sullied a woman’s name.

Infant’s Prayer


The world is in a combat mode, mother.
They want to destroy me by some means or other.
But I fail to understand, why they want to kill?
Why is it that they bear such ill will?
What crime did I commit, what is my sin?
Why do they oppose me? What do they mean?
It’s not in my hand that I am born a girl.
How can they be so callous and brutal?
Please Ma… do answer me.
It is better that the slayer be thee.
I thought that the world was a place divine,
But they want to snuff out this frail life of mine.
Tell them I’m no threat as I am too weak.
You are my protector Ma… your help I seek.
You’re helpless, I know Ma…there’s nothing you can do.
I cry out, dear Ma…for I’m helpless too.
No friends I have, but only foes, who’re out to kill me.
So my Ma…it’s better that the slayer be thee.
Ma…at heart, I do cherish my life
And I wish to be born free and only to survive.
I wish to see colours change with season.
I pray that all men see enough reason.
I desire to earn praise, honour and acclaim.
I desire to be a girl, not one to bring you shame.
But if my birth is shameful for thee,
Ma…It’s better for you to kill me.
Discriminate not, I beg of you.
Pray don’t be cruel and shun me too.
I don’t wish you misery and to give you bad name
If bearing me and rearing me, brings about shame.
So I cry and request you so humbly
Ma… It’s better for you to kill me.
Ma…by being a girl I’ve learnt a hard lesson,
That the world is my rival without rhyme or reason.
so, sadly, with heavy heart I go back to Heaven.
I love you and will miss you Ma…you were my haven.
Ma…dear Ma…I can’t bear such cruelty.
So Ma… It’s better for you to kill me.

Innate Grace

Who says that women are ugly?
Who says white skin matters roughly?
Who says prettiness is essential?
Who says women without charm are trivial?
They must know, with time beauty will decay
And the innate grace will always stay.
Innate grace that is the supreme beauty –
Beauty, that initiates your Destiny;
Beauty, that preserves you when sore;
Beauty, that guides you and loves you more;
Beauty, that admires your success;
Beauty, that love you in excess;
Beauty, that saves you;
Beauty, that nurture you;
Beauty, that bears your name;
Beauty, that makes you complete.
If such is the greatness of beauty,
Then how can a woman be ugly?

Essence Of Paradise

If Pain must come, may it come quickly
I have to live my life,
And I need to live it in a best possible way
The Life that can offer me an eternal peace,
Peace that can impart an essence of Paradise,
And Paradise that can showers all its happiness on me.
So, Mr. Pain! do not stay with me often
And do not exert yourself to obstruct my delight
Remember! If you come again and again
It il provide me an immense strength,
To fight back with you in my best possible manner.
So please, Let me live with my happiness n charm
Charm that can charge me with Love n Humanity.

Heavenly Bliss


I sat on my dark roof

Searching the sky for a proof.

Instantly, I saw a little star,

Shooting like an arrow so far.

I closed my eyes, made a wish.

Give me one, whom I cherish

I make a call, it was you.

And said, yes! I love you

I desire to go with you freely

So exultant as I am born newly,

Now I am on the sky, waiting for my love

So lovable and innocent as a dove.

A bell startled me. Something wasn’t right

It was just my alarm and the time was nine !!

Radiance In My Eyes

My Love ask me

If you love me

Then write my name

On water and sand.

I said I am not an enchantress

But one thing I desire to profess

That I love you, and this you can trust

I am not a liar but I am at my best.

My Love saw that radiance in my eyes

Says yes I know, you never lie

Now our love increases more

As water on the shore.

Now we can see our proud reflections on water

Our proud step together on sand and thereafter.

Thus, love is not to prove yourself,

If you love, then it’s enough in itself.

A Sweet Little Maiden

I saw a little girl in my garden

enters slowly as a beautiful maiden.

Twinkling eyes with a power of innocence,

Pluck flowers eagerly without much patience.

I was behind a wall, seeing everything,

Thought that it was odd or wrong or something

I went there and called out to the girl

She came with rosy cheeks and bouncy curls.

I asked her about the plucking flowers

she replied with a smile in showers:

“My mother has her birthday tomorrow.

I wanna end all her sorrow.

This is the gift that I keep.

It’s priceless, lovely and cheap

Just now she is in the hospital.

Very weak, her condition is critical.

I don’t have any gifts and money

I pluck flowers for my mom Rinie.”

I hugged the child and kissed on her face –

So pure and innocent, but with a critical case.

I took her in my arms and went along with her.

The air was rough with a calm weather.

Hospital was teeming with a huge crowd.

The girl was so happy and very proud,

thinking that all had come to wish her mother.

But shocked she was, hearing something a man utter.

“What happened, what happened?” she asked

Not knowing anything she aghast.

I too was scared as to what had happened.

Suddenly a paper flew where something was penned:

My li’l daughter, we’ll be meeting in Heaven

Go home and wear a cloth I have woven.

She wept bitterly on her mother’s coffin.

With intense grief, she puts flowers of jasmine.

I took her home as she was very lonely.

Gave her food but she drank water only.

Next day she went near the grave

Broken with sorrows and grief lay like a brave

She was no more and dead.

I cried as everything went beyond my head.

Now both the graves are side by side.

Not my home, beside her mother’s grave she wanted to reside.

I pray to God to take care of my little sweet maiden.

I am happy as both had met in Heaven…

“Oh’ Mommy, My Mommy”

Oh’ Mommy, My Mommy

Take me to some place

Where river flows and birds sing

Where gems stud in fairies wing

Where clouds seems like a humorous clown

Plays hide and seek with black and brown.

Oh’ Mommy, My Mommy

Take me to some place

Where snow is covered that seems cool

Where no competition and no school,

Where flowers dances with hip-hop sound

And I feel like a  Princess with a lovely crown.

Oh’ Mommy, My Mommy

Take me to some place

Where stars on my hair shines bright

Where river clear my ways with lovely tide

Where lots of toys is only for me

Where I can stay with happiness and glee.pp

Near To Almighty


Seeing the condition of Mother Earth

Satan laughed loud with unmasked mirth.

All that he had schemed eons before,

Were now true for Man, more and more.

Such funk and chaos and thoughts so vile,

That one could hardly reconcile.

Destroying all through unspeakable deed –

Through lust and power and avarice, greed.


Then Satan rubbed his hands in glee.

“I am happy now as you can see.

Man will one day, did I not tell?

Will join me in the deepest hell.

I had them ousted from paradise.

They fell – never again to rise.

Thrown away from Garden o’ Eden,

They fawn around me, to do as bidden.

Choking in filth, fire, rage and thorn,

They are slaves in a kingdom without morn.

Man will be Man’s biggest enemy,

And there’ll be villainous alchemy.


“Man, my slave, by slaying his betters,

Is more ensnared in my evil fetters.

Through murder and mayhem, killing each other,

Man becomes my perfect brother.

Without my grace they can’t prosper.”

Rolling in glee, Satan would holler.


Fast, on clouds, came Angels hell bound,

And Satan fled like a beaten hound.

Man shouldn’t break, or despond.

For soon enough God will respond.

Goodly deeds are Godly deeds

Reap good harvest, sow good seeds.


If Man sets up a standing rule,

Of bestowing love, not ridicule;

Of spurning crime and becoming wise,

Then God will take them by surprise.

Man shall know peace, as God bestows

More joy and ecstasy than Man knows.

Treating others as own, without disdain,

Man takes his place in God’s domain.

Foregoing vengeance and the blaming game,

He comes closer to God and nothing is the same.

Now that it is our time to go,

It is also the time for us to show

Doing righteous things we become better

And spurning crime, break Satan’s fetter.