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Diwakar Pokhriyal is a writer by passion. He has written 10 poetry books and 1 short story collection which is published. He has been a part of 64 anthologies/magazines with writers around the world. His works are also included in various websites. He is also a part of "Limca Book of Records - 2015" as he participated in "Synthesis - The First book on duet poetry". He has won “Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature-2014” for his short story. With a touch of music in him, he is also a member of the GRV Band as a rhythm guitarist and songwriter. The songs can be enjoyed on You tube channel of GRV Band.


Rise above the sky,

Rainbow created ‘Thy’,

Learn to revive the soul,

Focus onto impossible goal,

Life is all about belief,

Running through hell and relief,

Write the history that you deserve,

Ethics and values you should preserve,

Tragedies may test your power,

Turn on perseverance and take a shower,

You are your own creator,

You are your own destroyer,

Close your eyes and feel the sphere,

The vision of mind supersede here,

Grab that desolating determination,

Write everything in own notation,

Never overlook that cosmic intuition,

Otherwise, you may need some tuition,

Act, learn and re-learn to rise,

You are priceless and deserve the prize.

Oh My Lord


My Lord,

Let me live,

With true me and,

Let me revive truth,

Demonstrating myself,

Ever chaste nature of you,

That purity and forgiveness,

So that I can learn amicably,

To survive without repentance of guilt,

Also to create the masterpieces,

Soaked inside actual essence of,

Compassion and divinity,

For the inspiration of,

Millions of souls like me,

To connect with the,

Supreme power,

That is you,

Oh My,


Demon inside

Existence of a demon,
Isn’t outside of this galaxy,
Neither it rests on the ground,
Nor its appearance is waxy,

Do you think its human?
Created by an ancestor?
A curse or a boon,
Or a group of sinister,

Oh Human, wake up now,
It’s time to look within,
The earth is spinning for ages,
Humanity is spinning akin,

The demon is inside you,
Challenge it for the bout,
Realize the essence if it,
It is that relentless ‘Doubt’.



Stranded mind is dangerous,

Than stranded body,

A curse for the humanity,

Living continuously in the mist,

Stupendous attempts,

Are required to free the soul,

From lusty deeds and gutsy demons,

From solemn nights,

From dreadful dreams,

To paint the altruistic waves,

To color the emphatic heaven,

That sweeps the heart,

That instills hope in hope,

Then this world will shine,

With creativity of the mind,

Of those who are independent,

Of those who are affluent,

With humanity and peace.

Battling soul

The intent isn’t depraved,

But results speaks else,

Mind versus Heart forever,

What does it tell,

It portrays a war,

Intrinsically boiling with zeal,

Tasting a toxic venom,

Every second develops this feel,

No running away,

Because soul is the judge,

Mastering the tease,

Can’t fly away from this – as such,

Still battling tough,

Through darkness and light,

If “Fighting” is my destiny,

How can I run away from the night?

Tennis Match


A stunning ace crosses the plane,

Magical sweat bled victory,

Coming out from darkness,

A tapping doctor completes surgery,


A pitch of final battle,

With determined eyes & expressive faces,

Fragile replays and unending rallies,

Tired body painted aces,


 Unmatched lively ambiance,

Claps painted entertainment,

Stout Desire flew undisturbed,

Forgetting Ir-radiance of Ailment


Yes, a champion fought bravely,

& engraved his name in history,

Sun of passion saluted determination,

When magicians of sweat unfolded a mystery.

Modern Tradition


The shrieking will of desire,

Has eclipsed the sanity,

Tempted rain of satire,

Rides nude on vanity,


Selfishness halting freedom,

Integrity masked forever,

Unknown religion is contaminated,

Stupidity rules being “Clever”,


I have learned to fly,

Burning my family for Good,

“Everything is fair in Love & War”,

A phrase – “literally never understood”,


Where is that ambiguous sky?

Containing ruthless battered emotions,

My half baked nationality bleeding,

Incessant scars of alien promotions.

We’re just living mirrors

Can you witness shining light in me,

Or just an imbibed emptiness you see,

A battered soul or heated object,

……………………………………. We’re just living mirrors


Interpreted as the creator of errors

Or a theist to preach,

 Living numerous identities as one,

………………………………..We’re just living mirrors,


Cacophony isn’t my destination,

Dissection isn’t my genre,

Like every single soul I suffer,

………………………………..We’re just living mirrors.

Unwavering Devotion

Dried carcasses of Humanity,

Blazing flames of Vanity,

Penetrated through zeal,  

………………………………It’s an unwavering devotion


A solid entity of the emotion, 

Forgetting the existence of failure,

Tirelessly preparing for an ultimate war,

………………………………It’s an unwavering devotion

The time would be conquered,

Universe will fall out of place,

It’s an embedded enlightenment

………………………………It’s an unwavering devotion

“The Haze”


Sighs slaughtering prerogative of thoughts,

Haziness capturing the eyes,

Symphonic satire is restless,

Life turning purely demonic,

Poor scars grunting aloud,

Silence weeping through my door,

Persistence ringing of music scorching,

Dying desires suffocating existence,

Where’s that enlightening lightning,

Barrier of blindness prowling shares,

Buzz in eyes seems so tantalizing,

Tapping blood isn’t creating fuzz,

Emotions dissolved momentarily,

Stillness conquered the motions,

Soul becoming heavier than body,

It’s time to release the goal,

Sultry Sun is setting alone,

Trying to erase the useless poetry,

 Painting slowly the carcasses,

 Left with “The Haze” truly – Daunting