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About Bhuvaneshwari Shankar

I am a poet, translator, short story writer and blogger. My poems and short stories are featured in anthologies brought out by Readomania, Notion Press, Author Press India and Poetry Society of India. I have an abiding interest in Philosophy and music.

The Parable of Trees

There stood two trees

In different lands? may be

In different times? possibly.

There stood two trees

In different lands –

One gave knowledge to a wo/man

And the other to a man

  People gave them both

  The same name

The Tree of Knowledge

They called it

But, you see, they were different trees

In different lands –

One revealed Everything

And caused a second Fall

One revealed – ‘one is nothing!

Then the One fell* from grace.

Mankind made paper

And Forests of Knowledge

Crowd every home

Do we Fall or Rise?

*Note: After the Buddha attained Nirvana, his long standing disciples waited eagerly for the wisdom that he would share, but the Buddha disappointed them when he declared that he was hungry and wanted food.

A Home Upon the Hill


I will build a home upon the hill

With windows for every sun

Each room with mountain air shall fill

And night and day will be as one.

Bird song will waken the day

While cicadas lull it to sleep.


The fragrant air so wholesome

With shades of

Eucalyptus, pine and balsam

Will make a confluence

Of every room.


In Spring time flowers will bloom

In Summer the drones will moan

Punch drunk on pure nectar

Teetering to the honeycomb

In Autumn the colours will flow

The world will dance

And fall in a trance

From the crystal shine of the Winter’s snow.


The warbling stream

Will feed an afternoon’s dream

Where the muse will descend

Her song to lend

Our blended song shall delight

The daze of moon blanched nights


I am a wraith

Fanning away at your bedewed forehead

A gentle breeze in a window less room



I am a fluttering heart beat

A flitting thought

A joyous song


I am a mist

Rising and falling

With each breath
Living in utterances
losing myself in silences
I am a shadow

Melting happily into contours
I fall as tears from adoring eyes

And dart back quickly

To snuggle between supple lips