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About Azhar Mohamed

I am a student of English Literature

The Story Of My Life

It is neither so long as an Epic

Nor so certain like a Sonnet

Sometimes it’s mournful like an Elegy

and when I’m happy

I sing a Lyric

It is not so conventional like a Ballad

Nor completely unconventional like Post – modern

I always want to be a Simile that is with ‘like’

I don’t want to be a metaphor without ‘like’

For I came to this world through a personified ovum

To live an Iambic and Trochaic  life

That is mixed with stress and unstress

I tried my best to explicate my life

To realize it was too hard

As it was written by the supreme power

The poet of poet’s poet

But one thing is certain

If my life is literary form

Then poetry is the king of it



To my love

I can look and stare at you for a whole day

Not because you are beautiful

Just because I love to look at you

I can think about you for a whole day

Not because you gave me good memory

Just because I love to think about you

I can hear you talking for a whole day

not because you have beautiful voice

Just because I love to hear You talking

I love the way you walk

I love the way you laugh

I love the way look

I love everything you do

But I can’t look at your eyes directly

And say I LOVE YOU

Not because I don’t have guts

Just because I want you in a way that is HALAL