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I know

I know , it is still difficult to recognize you,
You are not mine and never be,,
You may hurt me, you can touch me,
I am helpless, I have no eyes or skins.ouo

I am not harmful, I can’t destroy you,
You are there and I am here,
You may show faith to me, friend
But I can’t believe you.

I live in my state, but not in your land,
You can finish me, but I may survive for you,
I am not as you see or watch me in each moment,
I am here or near to you,

Here is life, love or Hate me,
You are not my friend or enemy,
You may myth of jungles or temples,
There may be god or beasts.

The Poetry Of Rights

I can write anything as my wish,
You can like or dislike my words,
I have no wonder.

You can say anything,
You can oppose me,
But rights of hugging are mine,
Kisses are also mine.

Anyone who are walking through Royal Street,
The bullets may enter to their chest,
Their bodies may fall down on the earth.

They have known what have to say
To whom and what are the words
What have to the break and build !!

Only the embellishments are changed,
They can also change their colors,
Meanings of democracy or propagandas.

Can we recognize them?
We are defeated in rims of changes
In each moments of penning.

What are written in myths,
Who can know who who have written!!
Are they gods or persons !!

Ok… let’s change the paths,
Change the pens and papers,
Write something myths of our ascendancy.

After some eons,
Our moments would turned into statue or stones.

Aswini Dash


I go on,
Don’t know where to fall,
Sometimes the mind
Why gets restless!

Don’t spend a life looking for someone,
whoever has not asked,
Then why so upset!

The heart still beats
Like that day,
Someone lovingly wanted me,
I was scared,
She also took a smile,
Don’t come again.

Nervous why a mind sometimes,
I’m a chirp when I won,
With every pain and heart to scratch,
There is a bird of hope in the new people, yet.

I am a tiger

A tiger is behind the tree of thrones,
He tries to sit down in front of the desert.
There is no forest of greenness,
He is thirsty of flesh meats,
Has already seen a view of a reef of sand
How interpenetrate in to the jungle,
He has also seen his appetite
Going towards the sea.

Neither has he cried
Nor he has laughed in the way.

He crunches the parts of his body
On the sands of the desert,
Neither he dies or lives,
swims only in the river of own blood.

Who has stolen his eyes of wildness ,
Boldness of strength,
He is watching the sky of ancillary hunger.
The scenery of Depredation of his fates.

There is a jungle of cement, dust, and steel
The boast of humanity,
Who can see,
There is a tiger of perpetuity.

A tiger can write in blow of wind,
In water, in the way of life,
On the tree, in the darkness of night,
In the day,
“I am a tiger.”

At the intersection

At the intersections 

The path is to catch us,

Its name is life.

Live the Moment

Only on this mood,

How much interest backwards

Towards the new floor.

Some flowers will be puffed up, some forks are laid,

Still don’t mind,

It shattered the mind,

Still Walking Tan

Endure every pain

They would have floated over a river of blood.

Memories bloomed,

Dreams were shattered,

The Moment goes on.

A door

Who knows where life is standing,
We then fall to the stand,
You can’t go in,
Humming some silent things
Smiles are kicks,
feels a bit scared on
Who stands at the door!

Who doesn’t believe,
The windows are not opened,
Ask who we go,
Which people live inside!

That’s the difficult time of Jeban,
Would have had a lock out,
We stood up, the neat of that heaven,
Even if death comes, you will remain silent.

It would not have been a good door,
What is the use of the living of the dead,
Sometimes death would have been yours.

My path

I walk my way,
I stop taking care of my life.

There are many paths back and forth
Yet I prepare myself,
I enjoy walking on,
The ray of ummy also awakens,
I sleep and I will sometimes move on again.

Let me recognize the path now,
Be smiled
So there is no pain in the legs,
In an attempt to walk, it fills the ointment,

No one came after me or came after me
I walk on that.