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Light of Life …

With minimal/ no vocabulary in me,

I find it real hard to write this feeling…

When I think of you,

Suzette Katrina Jordan,

Your courage awes me,

Your struggles hurt me,

Your attitude strengthens me,

Your fights encourage me,

You – the role model for many,

Made me crack and cry with overburdening emotions,

Struggling with them,

Words failed me again,

Yearning and wishing for words…

All I came up with is,

Suzette Katrina Jordan…

Remembering Paul Walker

It’s been a year,
Since you left us,
It feels like now,
I wish I could have met you.
To have known someone so wonderful,
You made me wanna be like you,
You never knew how you made me feel,
With your eyes and actions…
Your story will be told,
And you’ll be remembered always!!
May be this isn’t death,
As you live in our hearts!!!

Slipping Soul

I feel my soul slipping away,
I couldn’t do anything about that,
I feel no pain, nothing,
When I’m with you…
Which makes me yearn for your presence,
More and more…
Those times were forgotten,
Those moments were memories,
I’m missing you so badly,
Living off in fear of losing you,
Where is our love ?
Did it end and faded away ?
Anything I can do,
To make you stay with me,
Forever and ever ?

Bristling Love

I can’t seem to get her out of my brain,

I don’t want to, even if I can,

I feel like I’m darkened out with my thoughts,

With all the thoughts I have for her,

Will it be alright?

I wonder!

Wedged between dream and real world,

I love her,

I shall love her,

Caught in fear of losing,

I don’t speak my love to her …