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A Slice of Heaven

I have often wondered in awe
What would heaven be like
Is it a figment of human imagination
Or a concrete thing of sight

I have often experienced blessings
Like the brilliant sheen of sunbeams
Enchanting melodies of the moon
On the darkest of charcoal nights

I have often paused and taken a break
To look up at the azure sky
Feel the infinite yonder blue
Flirting with cumulous clouds

I have often gone in raptures
At the tender folds of a rose
Enchanted by its heady fragrance
And marvelled at the thorn its foe

I have often stood awe struck at the beach
Marvelled at the sea shells at the shore
The relentless rising and falling of waves
Have assured me there is a heaven for sure

I have often wondered how you found me
In this chaotic infinite world
It was surely serendipity at best
When you glided with your aura indoors

But the most magical heaven of all
Lies in your deep brown eyes
And the voice that speaks to me in adoration
O, you are truly my slice of heaven on earth

The rendezvous was one of ecstatic heights
In a world of our very own
O how wondrous was the slice of heaven
A memory that smells like heaven for sure!

Siamese Twins

We were born conjoined as Siamese twins
Yet our parents wanted us to surely win
A classic tale of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Neverthless we were our parent’s pride

Together we prodded on our journey
Amidst forests, jungles and weather balmy
We learnt everything normal children did
Marching and taking care never to skid

We listened to each other’s tales
Always on the lookout if either of us wailed
We grew in a bond beyond the physical
And surpassed all tales quizzical

Yet one day each developed her own wings
And spun dreams lofty as kings
We both aspired to fulfill our dreams
Although we chose remarkably different streams

It was now that the acid test came
Each of us dreamt of glory and fame
Yet the greatest lesson was still to be learnt
Nay, we never meant for our desires to be burnt

There was a reason and a special message for us
We were Siamese twins for an important purpose thus
Displaying attributes of great tolerance and patience
We were the Almighty’s special creation



You were born a woman for a purpose
It is no accident for sure
You are here to deliver a story
Strong, real and pure

You skipped through mustard fields
Climbed the sprawling mango tree
Played house with your strawberry doll
And went gallavanting on market sprees

Your tender heart missed a beat
As you roamed rosy eyed focusing on your crush
You burnt the midnight oil for that degree
And your chosen path was no light brush

You walked around the sacred fire
Vowing to stand by your mate
A promise you made in all earnestness
That holds true till the evening late

You were blessed with motherhood
An experience that made you grow
You juggled the roles of wife and mother
Oh boy it was an incredible show

Suddenly the shadows loomed large
And ominous clouds gathered in front
You fought valiantly like the Goddess Kali
And your demeanour became bold and blunt

You carried your self esteem like Sita
Vowing to put things right like Draupadi
You garnered courage like the Goddess Durga
And put the equilibrium at ease

O woman you were born to bring glory
To the clan you were born into
You were also born to bring further glory
To the clan you chose to marry into

Let not the sparkle ever dull in your eyes
Like Saraswati may your speech never lose power
The world is yours for the taking and making
Salute your inner fire and let your grace shower

57th Milestone

57th Milestone

Is it really true?
That I have reached the 57th milestone?
Finally saying No to blues
And bidding a firm goodbye to moans

How wondrous has been the journey
Interspersed with darkness and light
O it was delightful to be around honey
And soak in the sunshine bright

Is it really true
That I am inching towards being a senior citizen
No matter what or who
It is now goodbye to times frozen

What a sojourn it has been
Meeting my fate and accepting the date
Endless drama I have seen
But ended up with affable mates

Is it really true that I am a little wise
Finally tearing apart the net of shroud
I sure have paid a hefty price
But boy, it has been worth it, I say aloud!

It is now time to chase away melancholy
And usher in all graces of life
Finally time to script a melodious story
That has no shadows of strife

It is now that I promise myself time for sweet Nature
And drown in the joy of music
Fill up my life with splendid features
And curate a pretty garden of vibrant Tulips

It is time for deeper truths of life
Banalities no longer interest me
No more complaints and mindless cries
It is time to be joyous and just be

I have studied the texts aplenty
And discussed tales too
It is finally time to introspect fully
And live at peace and in a manner true.

People do charities and so much more
I too get inspired by them for sure
The greatest gift I feel i can give at ease
Is by being humble, humane and a friend to thee


Away from the prying eyes

behind the velvet curtain

resides my love

surreptitiously framed

at ease, on the wall

Your luminous eyes

pore over my turbulent soul

your silver tresses

mock the vibrancy of youth

The splendor of your blazing gaze

ignites my body

mind and soul

Thank goodness

the curtain takes a toll

liberating me

from dark desne thoughts

and a lingering pain

locked in our hearts

The rhythm of our tete a tete

sings an unheard melody

as I spend some stolen moments

with you

My secret is safe

even as I count days

for our audience

O curtain!

lavish my love with umpteen graces

I stealthily plant a kiss on the cold canvas


for you to find my soul.



Is it too much to ask for Utopia?
Why indulge in Xenophobia?

Can we not practise our religions in peace?
O, why should we kill over meat?

It is good to be a vegetarian
But it is not good to be a dictator.

Why can’t we see our Devis in our women?
Why pour molestation and rape venom?

Why should one live in a castle
And another not even have a morsel?

Why are we spewing acids in rivers?
Don’t you realize, rivers are life givers?

Why are we felling trees for high rise buildings?
How can we tolerate Mother Nature wilting?

Why are we polluting the air?
Our lungs are sinking, don’t you care?

O foolish man, stop your maniacal deeds
Life is meant to be Utopian, a precious gift indeed!

Copyright Aabha Vatsa

The Seed

The woeful seed
Buried with care
Liberally nourished with manure
Waiting to dare.

Days passed into weeks
Weeks into years
Despite the earnest breed
Unable to sprout, it shed tears.

Year after year
It longed to sprout
Even as the planter did not fear
Believing, saying no to doubt.

In the fourth year
The sapling sprouted
The planter was in cheers
Assured of its clout.

All the potential was stored inside
Quietly braving its winter slice
O heavens! the planter cried
It grew into a mighty tree, never a vice!

Copyright Aabha Vatsa