Ashra’s curse

I have decided

my poem will be a curse…

My voice will hit the stars and they will conglomerate

collapsing their galaxy into the guilty men’s destiny

the death will be a perfume they would crave for..

when all my curses will blow up their star

practically they will be erased from the universe library

I will establish a vortex just for them, the guilty men

who now are hiding under their mothers’ skirts

crying for nobody listen to their side of story

as if that poor girl who died, raped and beaten and thrown off the bus

has still the¬†opportunity to tell her side of story..other than her destroyed body…

back to the vortex, the one my mind is creating right now

will sip your every cell, every shade of light in your eyes

slowly, slowly….slow motion is a must when torture enters the scene

Trust me I am in no rush….

Every pain must be¬†savored…

For my name is Ashra

You got mail

The girl that you murdered is now on the right side of God

gently smiling as she admires her new pair of wings

Me, Ashra I am to blame for her nightmare memory loss

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