Ash Wednesday: Mahuadaanr

It’s Lent
In the 150 year old bijou church
with Belgian stained glass windows
Deep inside the green sal forest of the land
called Scrubland of the Plateau
Where Australian priests play football
And tribal children love hockey :
Honey and banana pancakes ,
Sackcloth and ashes

Close to the arched avenue
Of Arjun trees leading to the chapel
A gramophone is playing whereon
Jim Reeves sings
“ My Cathedral “

An old woman wakes up in her mud hut
And stirs the bottom of her clay oven
To see if there are still half some burnt coals in the ashes
To light for cooking her day’s rice
Or if she must look out for fresh firewood
To start her day

A wimpled Sister
Of the Holy Cross
Is chasing chickens
In the convent garden
And carrying vegetable peels
To the piggery
Where pink and white piglets
Tumble over one another to greet her

Morning has broken
Ash- coloured
Over the Chechaari Valley

( ASA )

4 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday: Mahuadaanr

  1. VijayNair

    A splendid,cinematic poem,filled with sharp obervations and thoughts that resonate with the reader on various levels.


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