As You Wish

Roam the streets,
Pick rags
Wear tatters,
Stink bad
Stink stink stink
And eat stale.

Want a better living?
Salute the corrupt
kow-tow to politicians,
Run for money
Run run run,
Go stab all
Drink the blood
Smear it over
The putrified images,
And fill your stomach.

Want a better better living?
Blow them all,
Palaces, monuments and hotels
Watch them coming down
Falling at your feet,
Laugh out louder
Beat your breasts
Keep the heads high
Make a pride march
Justify your deeds
And fill your pockets.
Ha ha ha!
I am democracy
I enjoy the show.

5 thoughts on “As You Wish

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I think “As you wish” is as well-honed and incisive as a switchblade knife.I recognise the narrator’s desireto communicate and to connect in an increasingly frenetic world.It is a poem of the here and the now;brisk,urgent and demanding. Another well executed stroke down to the boundary rope!

  2. Nalini Srivastava

    wow!!the teacher in me applauds your presentation,the poet in me admires the choice of the words for presenting the point ,no doubt, hard hitting

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