As You Love

(by Joan Wilson)

O that I loved as you loved!
not tainted Lord by me,
it seems whatever good I do
is spoilt by what I feel,
the silly irritations
the easy weariness,
that comes upon my body and spirit
though I do want to caress,
and be their help and comfort
yet they must Lord too,
learn how to lean on my God
if they are to come through,
give me springs of water
when I feel dry bereft,
to go that extra little mile
when my own soul is cleft,
give me fresh sight dear Saviour
of thy wondrous love to me,
that I may pass it on, Beloved
as you helped me to see,
whether I am a “leader”
a “helper” or “mate”,
let me be what you want Dear Heart
and not to hesitate.

(“As You Love” poem by Joan Wilson can be found in
the anthology “Morning by Morning”)

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