As The Day Draws Near

As the day draws near,

When reality must be confronted,

When the truth beforetime masked must be laid bare,

When face to face must come the leader and the led,

Running from the truth will be an effort in futility;

Confronting the issues is the only way, really.


As the moment approaches,

When one must be taken and the other left,

When to the rocks we’ll run seeking to hide in its cleft,

When progress, though painful must be made in defiance of self-appointed coaches,

Hiding and living in denial will not do;

Standing up and facing the facts are the only rules.


As the hour prepares to strike,

When humanity will be offered a chance to progress or stand still,

When one by one we’ll have a split second to stay down or rise,

When we can confront and slay our demons or let them live still,

Retreating in cowardice and fear will not suffice;

Rising and acting confidently is the only thing that will get us through this.


As the final stage is set,

When in the face of overwhelming odds, we’re expected to win,

When in the face of powerful foes, we’re expected not to fret,

When we’re confronted with just two choices: perish or live,

We must move on though faced with threats of destruction;

For even in death, defeat is not an option.


James Ogunjimi

September 2014

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