As The Clock Strikes Twelve

As the clock strikes twelve,

Yet another completed book is added to life’s shelf.

First will come the greetings and well-wishes,

And then will come thoughts of happy times and painful memories;

The thought of what should be that is not,

The memories of carefully-crafted plans that have all been lost.


As the clock strikes twelve,

Yet another date is ticked in life’s calendar.

First will come the delicacies, into which we’ll delve,

And then will come reminiscences of the journey so far.

Thoughts of plans that never lived to see the new moon,

Memories of resolutions that were gone too soon.


As the clock strikes twelve,

Yet another page is written in life’s journal.

First will come the hurrahs from friends celebrating amongst themselves,

And then will come a desire to escape from all the noise to hide under the radar,

To think thoughts of personal relationships that were handled poorly,

Memories of fragile hearts that were left hanging loosely.


As the clock strikes twelve,

Yet another race will start to make sense of this life.

First will come the brilliant thoughts and hasty scribbles,

And then will come reluctant cancellations and additional views.

An unwritten appeal to the universe to let the lofty heights desired be,

A silent plea to life to make the year one that ushers in fulfilment of dreams.


Happy Birthday to Me!


James Ogunjimi

September 2014

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