Lamenting a moon , as nearly we can !

What colour moon hath,
a diffuse of a dazzle
that we hasten to call  silver
as nearly we can

doth ‘t contour a shape,
as fluctuant in form

yet we falter not , to call ‘t round
as nearly we can

ah ! did we hear a sound ,
amid soliloquy of silence
a serenade waxing as moony
as nearly we can

doth ‘t even portray a mind,
upon sketch a moody abstraction
yet we dither not malign it as lunacy,
as nearly we can

and hath it a compare,
moon , in the spread of it’s romantic reach
and still we decipher it as distant
as nearly we can!

4 thoughts on “Lamenting a moon , as nearly we can !

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Homage or parody ? this work doth resemble most closely the works of Master Shakespeare.Whilst pleasing the attentive reader,it beggeth the question – parody or homage ?

  2. Kusum Vig

    “doth ‘t even portray a mind
    upon sketch of one moody abstraction
    yet to be bandied ’bout as lunacy
    as nearly we could”

    Very intriguing write, Lokesh…Love reading it time and again!

    1. lokesh roy

      thanks Madam for appreciating…. in fact it adds to its value specially being noticed by you. Thanks for the kind words….with best regards !


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