Lamenting a moon , as nearly we can !

What colour moon hath,
a diffuse of a dazzle
that we hasten to call  silver
as nearly we can

doth ‘t contour a shape,
as fluctuant in form

yet we falter not , to call ‘t round
as nearly we can

ah ! did we hear a sound ,
amid soliloquy of silence
a serenade waxing as moony
as nearly we can

doth ‘t even portray a mind,
upon sketch a moody abstraction
yet we dither not malign it as lunacy,
as nearly we can

and hath it a compare,
moon , in the spread of it’s romantic reach
and still we decipher it as distant
as nearly we can!

4 thoughts on “Lamenting a moon , as nearly we can !

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Homage or parody ? this work doth resemble most closely the works of Master Shakespeare.Whilst pleasing the attentive reader,it beggeth the question – parody or homage ?

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