A​​rrogance, a sad word holding no purpose in this meaningless world, since we

R​evolve upon the commands of some power against which we cannot dare

R​ebel, for so subtle and impalpable it is, so divinely mighty, readily

O​utpassing our will, denying us of our right to choose for ourselves,

G​orging us with torments, to have us submit to it while we become tragic 

A​ctors and actresses, all dutifully playing out roles in our own

N​ether, blindly believing ourselves to be the center of everything that exists, but, if we

C​ared to adorn ourselves, with the spiritual commands of this same power, those which

E​nunciate of how fickle and short life is, why, our passage on this Earth would be blissful!

2 thoughts on “Arrogance

  1. Amita Paul

    The poet has attempted an acrostic on the general subject of the human condition in a largely unrealised universe far beyond man’s control.


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