I eagerly await your call

To hear your voice once more,

I busy myself with jobs galore

to occupy my time.

With great anticipation do

I wait to hear your voice



Heart now lives between each beat,

Anticipation do nerves now stretch

Far beyond what dreams do dream,

To have, be held within loves arms.


Forced now beat

Rhythm of our souls,

Anticipation gains strength

With passing hour, each ring of sound

Encourages loves’ growth.


Ohh make it ring, just one more time

To hear your voice, warmth, compassion

Doth grow our soul?

Rhythm beats our hearts complete.


Anticipation, what strength of word

describes the inner soul.

Ability this has to last,

A want or need, I do not know, but

Heart doth grow away our time,

Of loves’ embrace, if only, in reality



© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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